Marvel Star Wars Thrawn Issue No. 2: A clever gamble


In the latest issues of the Thrawn mini-series from Marvel Star Wars, Thrawn outsmarts pirates, his cohorts and the loyalty of his aide is tested.

The Marvel Star Wars issue begins with Thrawn confronted by the Blood Crow’s new Captain, where he’s has collected some remnants of the Clone Wars, Buzz droids, in the cargo hold of the imperial ship.

After revealing that they may have some monetary value, Thrawn tricks Captain Rossi in allowing him to keep his cargo aboard.

A month later on a mission to save a derelict cargo freighter carrying Tibana gas, those Buzz droids would come in handy. Thrawn’s foresight also comes in handy. Captain Rossi leaves the Chiss, Vanto, and a small contingent to try to repair the freighters’ hyperdrive.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm, Marvel

After the Blood Crow exits to answer a distress call, a crew of pirates Captures Thrawn and his cohorts. It is at this moment that Thrawn activates his salvaged Buzz Droid to help his men escape and overtake the pirates.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm, Marvel

An error in judgment or precisely what was planned?

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Upon her return with the Blood Crow, Rossi shows her displeasure with Thrawn.  Although Thrawn was able to keep his crew from harm’s way and rescue the team from the freighter, he did allow some of the pirates to get away with the Tibana gas.

It’s a learning moment for Thrawn, as he comes to realize that resources are of higher value to the empire than the lives of a lowly freighter crew.   Both Thrawn and Vanto are assigned to the Imperial Prison in Ansion until they can be Court Marshalled.

In the same prison as the pirates he helps Capture, Thrawn begins to extract as much information from the scoundrels as he can.  The Pirates reveal themselves linked to the “great” Pirate Queen, Q’Anah.

A pirate who has eluded Grand Moff Tarkin for quite some time. Thrawn knows that if he can lead Tarkin to Q’Anah, he will win his favor and this will facilitate his ascension in the imperial ranks.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm, Marvel

It doesn’t pay to be blue in the face…

After Thrawn and Vanto survive their Court Marshall unscathed Vanto is approached by an Imperial diplomat. Culper is an aide to Moff Ghadi and has come to offer Vanto a position with Ghadi. It is not on his own merit that Vanto earns this offer, but simply because there are those in the Imperial Ranks who would like to facilitate Thrawn’s failure. No one wants an ”Alien” to succeed in the Imperial Navy.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm, Marvel

Although the offer is ”generous” as Culper puts it, Vanto is beginning to realize that an officer from his station in life shouldn’t expect to go far. And this is the precise moment Vanto discovers where he truly stands in the Imperial Navy. It’s what convinces him more than ever to pledge his loyalty to Thrawn.

A little slow, but it’s expected…

Another solid issue in this miniseries based on the Timothy Zahn novel. There are some tremendous underlying themes that come to the forefront, and they are presented both with the words on the page and the artwork. My only complaint would be that the issue starts a bit slow, but then again this is a series about one the Empire’s great strategist.

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