Star Wars: The Last Jedi has a lesson to teach us about mentorship


Star Wars: The Last Jedi provides lessons on the importance of mentorship and role models!

Mentorship is a theme that runs through the entirety of this new Trilogy. Though this theme is most prominent in The Last Jedi, in The Force Awakens we see the beginnings of a mentorship develop between Han and Rey, but unfortunately, that was cut short by Kylo Ren’s blade.

Though most of the film focuses on the tenuous relationship between Luke and Rey, I would argue that the film’s strongest example of mentorship is the relationship between Poe and Leia.

In the bonus features on the upcoming Blu-ray and DVD editions of Star Wars: The Last Jedi there is a clip focusing on the relationship between the stubborn flyboy, Poe Dameron, and his mentor, the illustrious Leia Organa. In this video, they highlight the impact that Leia’s leadership has on the trajectory of Poe’s life.

The Last Jedi: Poe & Leia Bonus Clip

“Poe is [Leia’s] protege and in a way, I think she thinks of him as Han.” Go behind the scenes with the cast of Star Wars: The Last Jedi when you watch more bonus features on Blu-ray and 4K UHD Mar 27:

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According to Rian Johnson, that first battle scene highlights Poe’s Achilles Heel – which is that he desperately wants to be a hero. Leia sees this and promptly demotes Poe after his antics that cause the destruction of the entire fleet of bombers that the Resistance possesses.

As I mentioned in a previous article, Poe has so much to learn from the female role models in his life. These role models appear in the form of Leia Organa and Amilyn Holdo.

As Oscar Isaac mentions in this clip, “his old heroics aren’t necessarily what is needed at this moment.”

Poe, in turn, brings out the feisty side of Leia that we missed in The Force Awakens. She meets his arrogance with her signature spunk by giving him a memorable slap. The clip reveals Carrie Fisher talking about filming the slap, saying, “now there’s Leia again,” with a mischievous grin. While Poe can never replace the void left in Leia’s life by Han’s death, it’s clear that she likes having a “scoundrel” around the Resistance.

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