Thrawn, Anakin Skywalker meet in the upcoming Star Wars Thrawn novel – read a taste of it now!


Thrawn: Alliances excerpt: A meeting of Evil Minds – with Thrawn and Anakin Skywalker aka Darth Vader. Something new to get you through your Star Wars day…

If you’re bummed out that Star Wars Rebels has come to a close, and need some new Star Wars material related to the early days of the Rebellion, then Timothy Zahn’s latest Thrawn novel may be what you’re looking for.

The novel is set for a July 24 release date and is shaping up to be another great Timothy Zahn novel set in the Star Wars universe.

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If you can’t wait for The July 24th release date, has provided an excerpt from the novel just for fans to get a taste of what coming in the new Star Wars canon. And the passage is a doozy. If you don’t want the excerpt or the novel spoiled, just stop reading now — as we break down the action from the excerpt below.

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A Meeting of Evil Minds…

The passage begins and ends in Emperor Palpatine’s throne room. He has summoned his two most loyal and power hungry servants, the Sith Lord Darth Vader and the Chiss Grand Admiral of his Imperial Navy. The Emperor knows that these are not just mere servants or men, but tools he can wield to shape the rule of his galaxy.

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These two servants shared contempt for one another. Darth Vader did not suffer rivals well, and the Grand Admiral thought he should be the Emperor’s right hand.

They also differed in their opinion regarding the Empire’s ultimate weapon. Darth Vader favored the Death Star (well, tolerated it), while Thrawn favored an advanced TIE fighter. Both would be used to show the Empire’s military might.

But the Emperor did not bring his servants face to face so that they could air their grievances. No, he had a mission that would require both their expertise and would test their loyalty.

They would deal with a disturbance in the Force the Emperor has felt in Batuu. A place where Darth Vader and Thrawn together had interfered with one of the Emperor’s plans and failed him. No worries, as it is time for the two to make up for that blunder.

Timothy Zahn strike again.

The excerpt provides a beautifully written scene in which you can cut the tension with a knife. On every one of the significant parts of material like this is learning how cutthroat the Imperial ranks are.

And now that Thrawn is a Grand Admiral he’s only one person let to rise higher than, and that is Darth Vader. Thrawn doesn’t quite realize the fire that he’s playing within Darth Vader, but he’s sure to learn.

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Timothy Zahn proves again he is one of Lucasfilm’s greatest assets. Both his work in Star Wars Legends (previously the EU) and the new Star Wars canon is excellent. He taps into these character’s psyche well and does a great job playing in the Star Wars Universe.

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And as Thrawn’s creator, he quite possibly has brought to life one of the best characters in canon history. That July 24 release date can’t come soon enough.

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