Solo: A Star Wars Story Monopoly reveals 20 locations from film, including the Kessel run


The soon to be released Solo: A Star Wars Story Monopoly game reveals twelve locations from the upcoming film!

Solo: A Star Wars Story is approaching quickly, at a lightspeed pace, dropping nearly a month from now. The closer we get to the film’s release, the more and more details emerge from the depths of the Force.

We don’t want too much revealed, but non-spoiler type details are always useful in generating excitement ( and comfort) for Solo: A Star Wars Story. They also provide clues, for those of you who want to embrace your inner Obi-Wan-esque detective skills.

Recently, details emerged from the new Solo: A Star Wars Story themed Monopoly game, which drops in stores around the May 25, 2018 release of the movie.

Within the contents of the game are twenty locations for Star Wars: A Star Wars Story, including a feature with the infamous spice mines of Kessel — thanks to for the inside scoop. 

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm/Hasbro

Twenty locations in the Solo: A Star Wars Story Monopoly board game.

  1. Recruitment Center
  2. Imperial Academy
  3. Training Facility
  4. Battlefield
  5. The Pen
  6. The Den
  7. Spaceport
  8. TIE Fighter Factory
  9. Campsite
  10. Bridge
  11. Impound
  12. Chase
  13. Refinery Canteen
  14. The Coast
  15. Tavern
  16. Droid Arena
  17. The Backroom
  18. Operations Center
  19. Landing Platform
  20. Spice Mines

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Nothing earth-shattering among the contents, but a few that caught my eye. The droid arena sounds promising, where I immediately thought of the Petranaki arena on Geonosis shown in Attack of the Clones. A similar type battle royale would be a lot of fun to see in Solo. 

The “Recruitment Center” is another promising title, which is more confirmation of the involvement of Han Solo within the Imperial ranks. Will he be an actual member of the Empire, or undercover for his role in the heist?

The TIE Fighter factory is another that I noticed, which reinforces the Imperial tone of the film. Hopefully, the movie shows the criminal underworld aspect of the Empire’s oppression, but seeing how evil and flat out ruthless the Empire is, is always fresh – take Rogue One for example, which showed that in spades.

Lastly, the Spice Mines of Kessel. We received a taste of that during the first episode of Star Wars Rebels, but seeing the dark and dire place on the screen will no doubt add emotional depth to this film which seems to be a comedic adventure. Han Solo rescuing his partner in crime from Kessel is a scene I’m preparing to tear up a bit.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Once again, these small reveals heighten the excitement for the upcoming Star Wars installment, which cannot get here soon enough.

Next: Solo wins the Falcon playing Sabacc, but what exactly is it?

Who else is planning to buy the Solo: A Star Wars Story, version of Monopoly? I know that I am!

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Solo is going to be an action-packed, adventure. Strap yourselves in; it’s going to be an exhilarating ride!