Solo: A Star Wars Story Lando Calrissian action figure reveals clues about character


The latest wave of Solo: A Star Wars Story action figures have dropped, with the Lando Calrissian variation revealing clues about the character from the movie.

It’s no secret that I’m an avid Star Wars toy collector, or as my wife calls it “doll” collecting. Nevertheless, what I’m looking forward is the new line of Solo: A Star Wars Story action-figures, especially the Lando Calrissian likeness.

Fortunately for me, a “hero” of sorts took a snap of the Lando collectible, which is the spitting image of the old smoothie. It’s a beautiful balance of Donald Glover and Billy Dee Williams, encompassing the character entirely.

The best part is the description on the back of the box, providing intricate details of Lando Calrissian from Solo: A Star Wars Story.

It doesn’t reveal anything earth-shattering, but if you want to go into Solo: A Star Wars Story 100% spoiler free, here is your friendly warning.

Minor spoilers ahead for Solo.

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"Smooth and sophisticated, Captain Lando Calrissian stands ready to retire from the life of a smuggler and instead become a full-time gambler (or sportsman as he calls it) shuffling from card game to card game across the galaxy."

Captain Lando, like Solo in A New Hope, is much like his friend Han Solo at this point of his life. It also explains how Lando may have come into his life of luxury, with his “sportsman” lifestyle providing him with the means to do so.

It’s entirely possible he acquires Cloud City in a game of Sabacc or something other card game, swindling some sucker out of that beautiful Bespin high-rise location. This also lines up with where Lando is during the time of Star Wars Rebels, which takes place shortly after the events of Solo: A Star Wars Story. 

He bests Zeb in a game of Sabacc, epically winning the droid, with the rare Idiots Array hand, besting Zeb’s elite Sabacc hand.

If you need a refresher on that game, or if it’s new to you, click here for a refresher on the Sabacc card game. 

Anyways, this new tidbit of information reveals that Lando is still on his way up, in becoming a significant player within the galaxy.

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Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theatres May 25, 2018.

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