Alden Ehrenreich is taking his role as Han Solo very seriously


Alden Ehrenreich recognizes the weight of the role he has been cast in, and I think that attitude will end up making him a great Han Solo…

People are still super divided when it comes to Alden Ehrenreich’s Han Solo. Some people are convinced he will do the character justice, and others feel it is a slight to Harrison Ford to try and reboot the character.

As I’ve said in previous articles, I fall into the camp that is excited about Ehrenreich’s performance. Some of this may have to do with the fact that I really love Ehrenreich because I absolutely loved his performance in Hail Caesar (seriously that movie is pure gold).

Recently, The Star Wars Show did a quick interview with Ehrenreich, and they talked about the gravity of portraying such an iconic character in such a hugely popular franchise.

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It’s immediately evident from his interview that he realizes the enormity of this role and the responsibility to the fans to portray Han Solo well.

The fact that he is aware of those, and holds the character in such great awe makes me feel confident that he will do a good job bringing a young Han Solo to life on the big screen.

When one of the show’s hosts, Andi Gutierrez, asks Ehrenreich what the best part of the process has been so far, he responds:

“Getting to be a part of this world is really special.”

To follow this up, he talks about how incredible the Star Wars fanbase is and how that, as an actor, you ride that energy and positivity.

Well, I for one am excited to see what Ehrenreich will bring to the table on May 25. So far, what I’ve seen has me super excited about the film!

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If you haven’t gotten a chance yet, watch the most recent episode of The Star Wars Show, and you can hear all of the fun and interesting things that both Alden Ehrenreich and Donald Glover about their upcoming roles.

Solo: A Star Wars Story debuts May 25, 2018, worldwide.