Solo: A Star Wars Story tickets go on sale in select locations, or so they claim


Solo: A Star Wars Story tickets go on sale in Los Angeles, California, in select locations, or so they claim. You might want to make sure these tickets are for real.

Most of are (likely) waiting until May the fourth (be with you) to purchase our Solo: A Star Wars Story tickets. However, it appears that those lucky people who live in the sunny city of Los Angeles, California may be able to purchase them now — or so it appears that way on the surface.

As of right now, the only locations displaying showtimes for Solo: A Star Wars Story are located in Pasadena and Westwood, but not yet confirmed by Fandango or any other movie purchasing site.

A fellow Star Wars fan took a snap to show the validity of these claims. Also, one reason for this post is for you to make 100 percent certain that these tickets are indeed for sale, or if the vendors selling these Solo: A Star Wars Story tickets jumped the gun — or if they are getting fan’s hopes up.

You may want to call the local theatre just to confirm, but we wanted to get out in front and let you know that it’s possible these tickets may not be the real deal.

Make sure to do your homework, and we are investigating the matter as we “speak.” The best thing to do is wait for official confirmation by Lucasfilm before you purchase ANY (so-called tickets).

It’s also possible that the showtimes are legit, but they are waiting to sell them until a later date. We can’t stress enough. Be careful until you get official confirmation from the official Star Wars website, or Lucasfilm/Disney themselves.

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Once again, make sure you fully-investigate to see if these tickets are the real deal, even if you can purchase them. If so, then congratulations to those who can land the initial wave of tickets for the upcoming Han Solo film, but it’s likely you’ll have to wait until May 4, 2018.

Solo A Star Wars Story debuts May 25, 2018, worldwide.

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