Solo: A Star Wars Story: Will Infinity War outduel Star Wars?


Will Avengers: Infinity War shuffle things up for Solo: A Star Wars Story and outduel Star Wars at the Box office this Summer?

It’s finally happening. The end is here — or a new beginning (from a certain point of view)? Depends on your psychological makeup, but, either way, Infinity War is armed and eager to declare actual war on worldwide box offices — but will it outduel Solo: A Star Wars Story? 

If this is a heist movie, as somewhat rumbled in past discussions, it’s Mickey Mouse grabbing your wallet while your weeping eyes watch Thanos rip through your Avengers easier than a wet napkin. A clever play on the ole’ bump and run.

Seriously, though, Marvel announced the original move from the May 4 a few months back to much speculation. One of the rumors was they were protecting Marvel’s cumulative death parade to flow outside of their universe, namely, into Star Wars. After all, Solo: A Star Wars Story was in the middle of a negative press campaign, some of its own doing.

Solo: A Star Wars Story has been a movie that has been questioned by some since it was first announced. Most of these inquisitors may have been longtime fans or purists who didn’t like the idea of anyone else playing the rogue charmer or simply didn’t care.

The other production problems also fed into this hype machine, an example being the firing of Lord and Miller as directors. Marvel may have coordinated to protect its sister/brother company by giving Solo: A Star Wars Story an extra week’s cushion.

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But, if the last few weeks tell us something, it’s that Solo: A Star Wars Story seems to have rebounded from all these issues. Some of the people who were originally against the film may have actually been swayed as well—myself included. The trailer seems to have given fans a new hope that Lucasfilm may be able to pull this off.

So it’s hard to tell if this move helps Solo: A Star Wars Story but in the efforts of corporate synergy, it most definitely helps Infinity War. The move gives Infinity War an advantage in that a unified global release will protect it from spoilers.

Even if the reviews still threaten our hard to avert eyes, we can at least be, somewhat, safer knowing that we won’t have our friends blabbing about there disbelief that Hugh Jackman showed up in his yellow spandex to slash the stones from Thonas’ gauntlet.

The one dark horse we forget, that isn’t so dark, is Deadpool 2 sat smack in between the two films.  Although Deadpool 2 will soon be swallowed up in Disney’s corporate synergistic machine as Marvel property, it hasn’t yet. So, the move gives padding to Infinity War and allows Lucasfilm to push its hype machine for Solo: A Star Wars Story further.

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After the real battle will be between Merc with a mouth and the original Merc when May 25 comes around. This time, though, Deadpool 2 shoots first on May 18, 2018.