Marvel is better than Star Wars, from a certain point of view

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Thanos’ brand of evil is a twisted misplaced selflessness, the benevolent dictator, more on a par with Darth Vader’s psyche then what is essentially Kylo’s petulant quest for self-importance.

Sure, Vader’s power pursuit can be considered self-serving but, in the beginning, it was about Padme before he was a warped death machine. Thanos mindset is focused on one outcome as Gamora explains “The entire time I knew him, he only had one goal.” — only momentarily broken in her gaze.

Thanos could become the greatest villain in Disney’s catalogue—it all hinges on Avengers four and whether Thanos needs to accumulate more power or if he becomes a Zen farmer living off what he believes he provided to the universe.

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Not saying this will happen and Vader will always be Vader but Thanos has leap-frogged his way up in what is, virtually, one film–forgetting his short cameos.

Marvel also boasts red carpet regulars while Star Wars looks for new or rising talent to groom. Stars, who would run from the Superhero Genre, now gravitate towards the billion dollar staples these movies have become.

What does it matter though, we’re watching two 4 billion dollar investments tear money from your bank account and put it into Disney’s corporate coffers.

All I am is a kid who used to wield a broomstick mouthing sounds like “vruuuum fvish” and instead, is a grown man wearing a winter glove, pointing it towards my kids telling them “Destiny still arrives.”

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Maybe it’s time to admit when it comes to Star Wars and Marvel, for better or worse, Marvel’s destiny is now.