Star Wars fans tried destroying spirit of George Lucas but to no avail


After the backlash of the Star Wars prequels, it seemed a portion of the fans nearly destroyed the spirit of George Lucas, but to no avail with a recent visit to the set of Solo: A Star Wars Story showing a happy man.

Star Wars fans have much to be thankful for, with all credit due to the Maker, George Lucas for creating a fantastic galaxy far, far away for us fans to enjoy — well, most of us that is.

The original trilogy is beloved the entirety of the fandom, but when the prequels were released starting in 1999, the pendulum shifted within this beautiful universe, turning it into a beautiful disaster.

George Lucas hit the ultimate walk-off shot before selling his beloved franchise to Disney for a cool four billion dollars; having the look of a tired, worn out man — no thanks to some of the hateful, salty fans who nearly destroyed his spirit.

The hate George Lucas received from this toxic part of the community created a tremor within the Force, but it’s hard to keep a good man down for long. Last year at Star Wars Celebration Orlando, George Lucas dropped in unexpected, having the look of a man whose spirit is now rejuvenated.

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During the filming of Solo: A Star Wars Story, George Lucas stopped by the set during Ron Howard’s first day of filming.

What was expected to be just a quick pop in ended up being nearly a full day on the set, including George Lucas “directing” a scene from the movie. 

To top things off, Andi Gutierrez sat down with Ron Howard, where he revealed the details of such visit.

"“I felt nothing but supported. It was great to have him there. I was even kind of prodding him and he finally gave me a good idea about a little Han Solo behavior.He’s always shown a lot of confidence in me and his support has meant a lot over my career. His friendship means everything”"

Seeing these short clips and stills from their interaction brings warm feelings to my heart. Seeing George Lucas laugh, smile, and back to his old creative self on the set of a Star Wars movie is refreshing — especially after all the hate he endured from the toxic portion of the fanbase, who are still active in their attempts in destroying the spirit from others.

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He was struck down, but now he’s more powerful than you can possibly imagine — with is legacy living on through Disney and the Lucasfilm team and even Solo: A Star Wars Story.