Star Wars: Jon Favreau live-action TV show set seven years after Return of the Jedi


 Jon Favreau’s live-action TV show will take place seven years after Return of the Jedi. Could this mean we’ll see Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Academy?

The Red Carpet Premiere for Solo: A Star Wars Story was a star-studded affair, full of the Hollywood elite and fortunate media members lucky enough to attend. The event even shut down Hollywood Boulevard with all of the festivities, including a life-sized version of the Millennium Falcon.

One of those present was a talented writer, director, and actor Jon Favreau, lately of Marvel involvement and recently tasked with taking on an upcoming (unnamed) Star Wars live-action television series.

In a surprising move, one too aggressive for most, Jon Favreau dropped a Death Star-sized bomb on the Star Wars community, revealing the time-frame of his upcoming project.

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The series will begin seven years after Return of the Jedi, and the Battle of Endor set 23 years before the events of The Force Awakens and include brand-new characters — where it’s unknown if any of the iconic one’s of old will join the party.

For now, all we can do is speculate, but we have a good idea of what this show may encompass.

It would make sense for the story arc to include the adventures of Luke Skywalker, with the new characters being those he encounters along his path,  with thirty years of his story still left untold. We also have the perfect actor to play him, Sebastian Stan.

If Mark Hamill is willing, they could even flashback and forth between events closer to Star Wars: The Last Jedi, showing a young and older version of the Jedi Master. The possibilities are endless, and we cannot wait to find out for sure.

More details for this live-action show will be revealed by Nerdist in the coming days, shedding some light on the matter. Hopefully, it’s a Luke Skywalker standalone series, featuring Sebastian Stan — who seems to be born for the role of the famed Jedi.

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No matter what Lucasfilm and Jon Favreau decide, we all should be grateful for more Star Wars content. What a time to be alive and to be a fan of a galaxy far, far away.