Leia’s grim fate hinted in latest Marvel Star Wars Poe Dameron comic


After a severe injury in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the grim fate of Leia is hinted at in the latest Marvel Star Wars Poe Dameron comic. Get your Kleenex’s ready.

Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy and the writers for the Star Wars story have their work cut out for themselves when deciding the fate of Princess Leia, I mean General Leia — either way, to me, she’s royalty.

A recent internet uproar on crazy rumors on the fate of the (former) Princess Leia flooded the Internet recently, with a Sect of Star Wars fans petitioning for Meryl Streep to resume the role of Leia in Star Wars: Episode IX.  I’m torn on the idea of someone else playing Leia, but the more I think of it, the more I feel it’s best to put her to rest with Carrie Fisher — may she rest in peace. 

Likely, Leia will meet her doom before the events of Episode IX, with her story arc determined either off screen or in the opening crawl. Maybe they’ll find a way to include her in the movie, but Lucasfilm already confirmed that Leia would not be created via CGI as Tarkin was in Rogue One. 

It seems Leia’s fate may be determined sooner than later, with the Marvel Star Wars Poe Dameron comic revealing some details on her possible future. The past few issues, we’ve received events taking place after The Last Jedi, hinting we are making a considerable time jump between it and Episode IX. 

Now, we have premonitions, yes premonitions, from Leia herself on her future within a galaxy far, far away.

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Leia is strong with the Force and undoubtedly senses what we’ve come to suspect, that she’ll meet the Maker very soon. Even though she boasted her bad ass inner-Superwoman in The Last Jedi, it didn’t come without consequences.

However, Leia succumbing to her wounds would be a dull way to wrap up her story arc. A confrontation with Kylo Ren or some self-sacrificing moment would be the way to go.

Unfortunately, we will find out sooner than later, and our beloved Princess Leia is likely to become one with the Force sooner than later within the Star Wars canon story.

I don’t think we’ll be able to handle it when the moment comes, but like Leia, we must be strong and carry on — like she’s done year after year, tragedy after tragedy within a galaxy far, far away.

The Force will guide us through this heartbreaking moment; whether it be on screen, in a novel, or in Episode IX itself (somehow).

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If you’re late to the party, catch up on this fantastic Marvel Star Poe Dameron comic. You’ll be glad that you did!