Solo: A Star Wars Story used scrapped Rogue One scene (Video)


Solo: A Star Wars Story used a scrapped scene from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and we’ve tracked down the video for you to feast your eyes on!

Solo: A Star Wars Story is a film that binds the Star Wars galaxy together, with many connections to the canon lore of the franchise.

The fan reaction on Twitter tells you everything you need to know about the film, with Solo: A Star Wars Story a gracious gift to the Star Wars fans.

However, one thing you likely did not know was that Solo: A Star Wars Story has a unique connection to the first Star Wars standalone film, Rogue One. Now, this particular one has nothing to do with in-story connections, which there are plenty of in the movie, but one from another aspect of the Force.

A scrapped scene from Rogue One shown at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim in 2015 was used in Solo: A Star Wars Story. It’s a clip that only a handful of people have seen, with it being included within an exclusive teaser for Rogue One. 

However, this moment was not used in the film, hitting the cutting room floor during the editing process — undoubtedly due to the many reshoots Rogue One encountered

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Updated Correction 5/27/19

Thanks to DragonsBoat on the Star Wars Leaks Subreddit, we even have a frame by frame comparison of both scenes — used in Solo: A Star Wars Story at the end of the film, when Han Solo is on his way to challenge Lando in a fateful game of Sabacc that changes his destiny forever.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. The interconnectivity within a galaxy far, far away goes far beyond the story, but even with the filmmaking process example, as well.

Another prime example is in when Luke makes a brief cameo in Star Wars Rebels. Obi-Wan is overlooking the Lars homestead and Aunt Beru’s voice echoes, “Luke! Luke!” — where that very footage was snagged from the Lucasfilm archives.

That’s the beauty of a universe working so closely together and proves that Star Wars is like no other franchise in the galaxy!

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Solo: A Star Wars Story is currently playing in theaters, worldwide.

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