Disney: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge map reveals hangout of iconic Star Wars character


The new Disney theme park, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, reveals it’s entire map for one portion of their latest adventure. This is when the fun begins for us Star Wars fans like never before!

Disney is a magical place, making dreams come true for nearly a century. With their acquisition of the Star Wars franchise just a handful of years ago, they are now making the hopes and dreams of Star Wars fans into reality, as well.

Who thought that we would ever get more Star Wars films after Revenge of the Sith? Not only have we received four live-action films, but we’ve received new canon stories in the animated, comic, and book realms.

Now, we will get to visit a galaxy far, far away beyond just Star Tours, with Disney releasing two brand-new parks in Anaheim and Orlando next year called Star Wars: Galaxy’s edge — which is going to be lit! 

For the first time, we get to lay our eyes on a full map of what’s known as the “Black Shire Outpost,” one of the locations within Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Black Spire Outpost


"Once a bustling crossroads, the outpost has evolved into a famous port for traders, adventurers, and smugglers traveling to and from wild space."

"Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – Black Spire Outpost Map"

Now that sounds very promising!

Here’s a list of fantastic Star Wars attractions, including the hangout of a famous Star Wars character — thanks to Disney!

  • Ancient ruins: Hideout of a Resistance outpost
  • Black Spire Station
  • Smugglers Alley, including a cantina hangout
  • Suburat River Valley: Appears to be a racing ride of sorts — maybe podracing?!
  • Docking Bay 7: Food and Cargo. Likely a sitdown restaurant for guests
  • Docking Bay 9: A First Order Stormtropper Establishment
  • Bakkar Spire: Housing the Millennium Falcon and an iconic Star Wars character!

Now, it’s not Han Solo, but Hondo Ohnaka himself! So, did Hondo, at one point either own the Falcon before Lando — maybe losing it in an epic game of Sabacc to the old smoothie? Or, did he get his hands on the legendary ship before Unklar Plutt did in The Force Awakens? 

It’s also plausible that it has no connection to the Star Wars story and only an opportunity for fans to see the Falcon up close. Either way, I’m “on board” for this dazzling attraction.

Nevertheless, this reveal makes me excited to visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge more than ever. I best save my hard-earned credits now, or win some more in an intense game of Correlian Sabacc!

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The new Disney theme park Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens to the public in 2019 at Disneyland in Anaheim, California and Disney World in Orlando, Florida.