Will Solo: A Star Wars Story’s poor Box office results deter more Star Wars movies?

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Is Lucasfilm really losing the fan base? Or is it franchise fatigue?

Both J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy seem to be back in the precarious position they found themselves in when marking Star Wars: The Force Awakens, reeling the fanbase back in.

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Except now instead of years of anticipation for a new Star Wars film, they may be combating franchise fatigue. How can they win back the angry portion of the fanbase? Should they even try?

Lucasfilm brass is still trying to develop its formula for success. They’ve always been in the tough position of trying to honor the spirit of the Original Trilogy and the EU while trying to tell relevant, cohesive stories.

They should be lauded for taking chances even if some of those chances are considered a misstep by some.

Perhaps as fans, we all need to realize that these movies for all intents and purposes are made for kids.

The new saga trilogy isn’t specifically being made to appease my generation of Star Wars fans, but to tell stories that appeal to the next generation.

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So far the Anthology movies have been providing better content for older fans of the franchise. And anyway it’s sliced, shouldn’t we all be happy that we’re getting more content?

Solo: A Star Wars Story is currently playing in theaters, worldwide.

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