Buzz around Solo sequel continues after home release


Momentum surrounding a Solo sequel has picked up with the movie’s release on digital and upcoming release on Blu-ray.

While a Solo: A Star Wars Story sequel doesn’t look like it’s in Disney’s current plans, that hasn’t kept director Ron Howard and co-writer Jon Kasdan from advocating for a second act for the movie. With the movie’s release on digital (out now) and on Blu-ray (Sept. 25) fans are revisiting the Solo sequel topic after a second, third, fourth watching of the movie as well. Let’s see what the current buzz is from those involved with the movie and fans alike.

Jon Kasdan

In celebration of Solo’s home release, co-writer Jon Kasdan shared several factoids and notes about the movie on Twitter. Among those notes included hope of Donald Glover getting to play Lando Calrissian again and talk of how recent Emmy winner Thandie Newton might’ve been “too good” for her role. In Kasdan’s conclusion he hits on the topic of a Solo sequel, saying odds seem “against it happening anytime soon.”

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That’s pretty bleak, and it’s probably the most insight we’ll get on a Solo sequel unless a firm decision is made one way or another. But Kasdan isn’t giving up. After all, he tweeted in May that fans should tell Disney if they want more underworld stories. And in that conclusion he also said he’s onboard for another movie with the remaining cast and Ron Howard — and Howard hasn’t been shy in advocating for a sequel either.

Ron Howard

Ron Howard’s role in Solo is well-known as the director who was brought in after the departure of Phil Lord and Chris Miller. But Howard has shown his enjoyment with the project during and even after its release. 

Following a poll by a film Twitter account that showed 85 percent of voters wanted a Solo sequel, Howard tweeted about his Star Wars appreciation. He’s also noticed an uptick in the film’s Rotten Tomatoes score, showing that he still cares about the film’s reception months after its theatrical release: 

Howard has previously touched on the possibility of a sequel or spin-off for Lando. It’s clearly on his mind still; there might be a desire to prove the critics wrong and shake off the disappointment label from the movie, or maybe he just really enjoys his cast, or maybe a bit of both. Either way, it looks like Howard and Kasdan are up for another Solo adventure if given the chance.


For fans that loved Solo in theaters, the home release has provided the chance to view it over and over again. For fans that didn’t love Solo, or didn’t see it at all, the home release is a chance for a possible change of mind on the movie (and the possibility of a sequel):

A campaign called “#MakeSolo2Happen” was even recently launched by the The Resistance Broadcast, a Star Wars News Net podcast, calling for a Solo sequel.

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With the home release of Solo and further analysis that will spawn from that, there’ll only be more content and more talk of the movie in the months to follow, keeping the idea of a sequel on the back of fans’ minds whether they want one or not. For now, we anxiously await word on if a Solo sequel will happen.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is available on digital now and on Blu-ray Sept. 25.