Star Wars Resistance: Is Kaz Force Sensitive?


Kaz has clumsily gotten out of more sticky situations than we can count on Star Wars Resistance. It has made us wonder, is he Force Sensitive?

Kaz Xiono is different from many of the leads over the years in Star Wars. The Star Wars Resistance character is goofy, clumsy and a bit immature for his age.

However, he has a good heart and most of what he does comes from a place of wanting to help people. But even that can come back and bite him because many people in the galaxy, unfortunately, are not to be trusted.

But the way Kaz lucks out of things or comes with up escapes on the spot has made us wonder – is Kaz Force Sensitive?

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We’re not talking a lightsaber-wielding Force user here, but someone who has the luck of the Force on their side. It’s plausible, but not likely. Yet, let’s look at the reasons some Star Wars Resistance fans have asked this question.

Sticky situations

Kaz seems to find himself in sticky situations just about every time he turns a corner. However, he always seems to manages to find his way out of them just as fast.

Take for an example when the First Order caught him spying on them in The Tower. He snuck into Torra’s room, leapt out of to the window onto a ledge and managed not to fall to his death despite his innate clumsiness.

Torra also covers for him, thus getting him out of being caught by the First Order.

Then on “The Children from Tehar,” Neeku tells Kaz that finding the kids would be equivalent to winning the lottery … twice! But lo and behold, there are the children. Who’s luckier than that?

There are few characters in Star Wars history who have lucked out as much as he has when the odds have been stacked against him – and he doesn’t have the skills necessary to get out of them.

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Flying skills

Even though it seems Kaz doesn’t know his right from his left foot, the kid can fly. From the opening scene of Star Wars Resistance, it has been shown that Kaz can fly extremely well.

He manages to pilot a ship that is ready to break apart and in the last episode “Signal from Sector Six,” he also shows off his flying skills to get away from pirates who are trying to take him down.

When Kaz doesn’t think, when he lets his instincts take over – like when he is in a cockpit – it’s like he’s a different person, almost being guided to make the best choice every time.

His good heart

You don’t need to be good to be Force Sensitive, but it doesn’t hurt in this case. Kaz is a good person and is generally not selfish – though he does have bouts with immaturity at times.

Being a mechanic is good for him because manual labor never hurt anyone. As someone who seems to come from a privileged family and attended the New Republic Naval Academy, he could take the opportunity to learn more about himself.

But the point is that he is good person

While this doesn’t prove Kaz is Force Sensitive, it’s something to consider as the show continues to get closer to Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the galaxy gets scarier.

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