New Marvel comic focuses on heroes of the Empire


Marvel Comics is coming out with a new Star Wars miniseries dedicated to the story of Shadow Wing, elite TIE Fighter pilots.

We get so many stories about the heroes of the Rebellion – and we should since they are for what’s good in Star Wars. But, in truth, war is never that clear.

Each side has their own truths and fight for what they think is right. We’ve had a few stories about the members of the Empire such as Darth Vader, Thrawn and Tarkin. Marvel Comics will take us on a new journey within the Empire in a new mini-series coming this April.

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Tie Fighter No. 1 (of a five-part series), will follow Shadow Wing, an elite group of TIE fighter pilots whose job is to crush the Rebel Alliance.

It will be interesting to see another side of the fight. Again, we’ve seen some of what the Empire offers, but usually it’s a from a high-level. I do wonder often about those who sided with the Empire. Did some do it because they believed in the cause? Of course, they did.

But how many did so because the option was serve the Empire or die?

Perhaps it will be a little more complex than Palpatine’s motivations.

This comic will tie into the upcoming novel Alphabet Squadron, which will show the Rebellion heroes as they take on the Empire. Alphabet Squadron is scheduled to hit shelves this summer.

TIE Fighter will be written by Jody Houser with art by Roge Antonio. The cover art is done by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Elia Bonetti.

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Check out TIE Fighter No. 1 in comic shops starting in April.