Star Wars: What leaked The Mandalorian t-shirts told us about the show


The Mandalorian t-shirts were leaked months ahead of schedule, but that brief peek told us a little something about one of the Star Wars characters.

Star Wars’ The Mandalorian is still four months out and we aren’t expecting any merchandise until Triple Force Friday. But in what looks like a “whoops” moment, someone released official t-shirts on Amazon.

Once word got out, the t-shirt were quickly taken down, but the eagle eyes of Star Wars fans managed to capture a screenshot — because nothing is truly ever gone on the Internet.

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In this case, just three shirts were revealed. Two featured the title character while the third showcased IG-11, a bounty hunter droid similar to fan-favorite IG-88 from the original trilogy. Other than seeing new images of them, the shirts didn’t tell us much, but it did convey one thing.

IG-11 is going to have a bigger role than implied so far.

Side characters sometimes get attention in movies and television shows. Droids are not an exception in Star Wars, and have become favorites. Look at R2-D2, C-3PO or BB-8. While their roles aren’t huge and are supporting characters, they have received much love over the years.

IG-11 may not fall into that same category. It may not be as cute and refreshing as BB-8 or goofy as C-3PO especially since it’s a bounty hunter.

It will post a problem for whomever it will face in The Mandalorian. Could it be main character since the Mandalorian is also a bounty hunter? Perhaps it’s an adversary that is after the same package (which we learned is a person). Or maybe it’s a friend on the side of the somewhat good.

Either way, if Disney is making t-shirts of IG-11 and it’s a character we’re definitely going to have to learn more about.

Other than the fact Taika Waititi voices IG-11, we don’t know anything else. Jon Favreau and Star Wars managed to keep the droid out of the limited preview it showed at Star Wars Celebration.

But I’ve got my eye on IG-11. Something tells me the bounty hunter will be causing a lot of trouble. We just don’t know for which side.

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The Mandalorian is scheduled to come out on November 12 on Disney+.