Star Wars: Is Lucasfilm putting out too many novels?


On the heels of another Star Wars novel release, it made us wonder if there are too many books coming out too quickly.

Even though there is time before Star Wars: Episode IX and The Mandalorian come out, fans are not at a loss for content. If they want, they can read books and comics to get their fix.

This year, there five Star Wars books (including one audiobook exclusive) have released with the latest being Thrawn: Treason. There are at least another five on the way.

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Ten novels for adults and young readers will hit the shelves in 2019, encompassing a variety of timelines and characters. Mostly characters we are familiar with, but there are some new ones like in Alphabet Squadron.

As someone who loves to read, it still feels like a lot of books in a short amount of time.

Just when it feels like I have finished one Star Wars book, another comes out. Looking at the calendar, we see Lucasfilm has a book scheduled to come out every month from June until November.

I’m all for books as I love to read, but I also enjoy coming up for air too.

No one says that I need to read every book as they come out, but the issue for me is that I love to read books as they come out. Perhaps it’s a bit of FOMO, but I generally like to ensure I read them within a certain amount of time after release date.

Part of the issue is Lucasfilm is also relying so much on another forms of content beyond the movies to explain things.

We didn’t get Kylo Ren’s and the Knights of Ren’s backstories in the movies, so now we are getting a comic miniseries.

We didn’t get the full story of how the Resistance came to be, so those details will be shared in a book coming in November.

The books shouldn’t be as a way to address issues that weren’t reflected in the movies, but instead a complement and a way to tell new stories that we wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. It’s what made Master & Apprentice so great, giving us a glimpse into Qui Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan’s life before we ever met them.

It didn’t serve as a way to explain things that happened in the prequel trilogy, but instead was a nice visit with some old friends.

Books are great, but moderation is also key.

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What do you think? Are there too may Star Wars books coming out too close together?