Star Wars: The Clone Wars will finally get a ‘proper’ ending — but its characters will live on


No, Star Wars: The Clone Wars isn’t getting canceled again. This time, Dave Filoni is finally going to give us the rest of the story. Here’s what that might look like.

Do you remember where you were when #CloneWarsSaved started trending on Star Wars Twitter in July 2018?

I was at work. I was the only one in the office who even knew what The Clone Wars was, and I couldn’t wait to go home so I could dance around my living room and cry.

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It’s been a long wait for new information about the show. The Star Wars Celebration Chicago panel dedicated to the show revealed the first official footage for the next installment of the series — before that, all we had was a very short teaser.

This year at D23 we learned a little more about what’s to come — including when to expect new episodes on Disney’s upcoming streaming service.

We also learned the fate of the series moving forward, straight from the most reliable source.

Though many fans assumed this new season would be the last, it may never have been officially announced the show would end after new episodes aired on Disney+. We can now consider the new material one final adventure with these versions of our beloved heroes.

Dave Filoni told IGN that the upcoming season of The Clone Wars, which will premiere early next year, will officially close out the series.

However, Filoni did say he “put a lot of thought” into how the story will end, and that he is using what he has learned from working with George Lucas and Jon Favreau to craft an ending he knows will satisfy loyal viewers.

Of course he cares about making The Clone Wars as good as it can be. Filoni “gets” Star Wars. He has worked closely with Lucas. He knows the formula, yet he also knows how to keep audiences on their toes.

He is making the right move putting a definite end to the series. He almost didn’t get to finish it at all: It was canceled when Disney acquired the franchise. Only last year at San Diego Comic-Con could the cast finally reveal the series’ revival.

At Celebration it was revealed that not only Ahsoka and the rest of the original cast, but also characters like Darth Maul would appear in later episodes. However, we still don’t know much about the story we can expect to see unfold onscreen — which is to be expected.

Just because we don’t want the whole thing spoiled for us — especially the ending — doesn’t mean we can’t speculate.

We do know there will be a Bad Batch arc. This was a planned part of the seires before its cancellation and had even made it pretty far in development before being shelved along with the rest of the show.

Also revealed was where Ahsoka ends up after leaving the Jedi Order, and the setup for what the rest of her story in this series will look like.

What most fans really want to know, and won’t know until the last episode drops, is how it all will come to an end.

It’s very possible the final arc of the series — at the very least, the final episode — will take place during the Seige of Mandalore. This was a battle that occurred at the very end of the war, after which Rex and Ahsoka are forced to go their separate ways to hide from the Empire.

One thing’s for sure: If we get to see Order 66 unfold as part of the finale, we’ll be pretty excited. But we’ll also be crying hysterically.

Saying goodbye is never easy. But it’s better to thoughtfully end a show’s story the way it’s meant to end instead of letting it drag out until the ending will disappoint fans no matter what.

Filoni also clarified that just because The Clone Wars is ending doesn’t mean some of its key characters won’t be featured in other animated or live-action Star Wars series in the future.

The possibilities are almost endless now thanks to Disney+. One show is set to premiere in November, with two more in development — and that’s not including the final season of this one.

Could we see Ahsoka in The Mandalorian or other future shows? Will she get her own limited series based on E. K. Johnston’s young adult novel? What if we got a series all about Rebels-era Rex? Or a series all about clone cadets?

Anything could happen. As long as Filoni is involved, we’re sold.

In Filoni we trust.

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Which characters are you most excited to see in the new Clone Wars episodes? Who do you think could get their own series someday?