The Bad Batch episode 9 synopsis, title, and runtime revealed

Star Wars: The Bad Batch "Bounty Lost"
Star Wars: The Bad Batch "Bounty Lost" /

The Bad Batch episode 9 welcomes us into the back half of the season by holding our hearts in a vice considering Omega was captured in episode 8, “Reunion.”

What are the Batch going to do now that she’s been kidnapped? Obviously, fight to get her back, of course. The trailer for episode 9 gives us a glimpse of a chase to stop Cad Bane, but our misfit crew is more than a little worse for wear considering they just nearly escaped being annihilated by Crosshair.

Their fallen brother proved once again that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to carry out his mission. While hubris did teach him a thing or two via getting blasted in the face by a ship’s engine fire, we know this won’t be the last we see of Crosshair.

Hopefully, Omega’s kidnapping won’t be the last the Batch see of the child for a while. Though with this series being ripe with storylines that all seem to lead back to each other, we know we’re in for even more of a twisting ride as we move further into the season.

The Bad Batch episode 9 synopsis, title and runtime

Episode 9 is titled “Bounty Lost” which gives us hope that the Bad Batch will succeed in getting Omega back before she can be shipped back to Kamino. The synopsis, however, is a bit on the generic side.

"The Batch embark on a rescue mission."

Clearly. But it’s unlikely to be smooth sailing. Will they be able to get to her in time or will someone else intercede before they can? After all, Cad Bane wasn’t the only bounty hunter after Omega. Fennec Shand has a stake in her capture, too.

With a 28-minute run time, “Bounty Lost” may just leave you on the edge of your seat rooting for the Batch to get to Omega before it’s too late.

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