Star Wars Rebels: Season 2 Premiere Date, New Clip


We already knew that Star Wars Rebels had already set course to premiere its second season in the fall, but now we know exactly when we can expect the crew of the Ghost to arrive.

The Disney XD show will return on Wednesday, Oct. 14, at 9:30 p.m. EDT. I assume Wednesdays will be the show’s regular airing time, a switch from last season when it played on Monday nights.

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The show technically already kicked off its second season with a two-part premiere called “The Siege of Lothal,” shown exclusively at Star Wars Celebration in April followed by an airing in June. Its sophomore effort will begin in earnest with the episode “The Lost Commanders,” in which Ezra, Kanan and the rest of the crew seek out Commander Rex and the other clone troopers who appeared in the animated series Star Wars: Clone Wars.

Some fans will actually get to see that episode and the next one if they attend New York Comic-Con on Oct. 8, which will host a special Rebels panel along with exclusively showing the two new episodes.

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You can watch a new clip from “The Lost Commanders” above (plus a second one released earlier this year here). Here, we see Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker’s former apprentice, instructing the Ghost crew on how to find the clones while she embarks on her own mission after encountering Darth Vader in “The Siege of Lothal.”

Dave Filoni, one of the series showrunners along with Simon Kinberg and Carrie Beck, says that the clones are now distrustful of the Jedi after surviving the Purge.

What’s also interesting in the above clip is that Ahsoka is breaking off from the group early on, so we’ll probably see the show attempt to balance dual storylines, a sign of its expanding universe. Hopefully, the writers will follow one of my pieces of advice and not confine so much action to the planet of Lothal like in the first season.

I’m more confident especially because Gary Whitta, who worked on the screenplay for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, penned one of this season’s episodes.

Speaking of which, the Rebels first season Blu-ray and DVD go on sale this Tuesday if you need to catch up on everything that happened previously.

I’m excited for what Rebels could offer us after a solid if uneven first season. These new episodes premiering in the fall will mark the first time the characters finally cross paths with their counterparts from Clone Wars, which offers plenty of storytelling opportunities.

I’m also curious to see who Sarah Michelle Gellar, one of the new voice castmembers, is going to play, and if we’ll see any more appearances from characters from the original trilogy. Here’s the trailer for the second season if you want to get more excited.

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