The Star Wars Show Recap: ILMxLAB, Finding Dory, & Boba Fett


This week on The Star Wars Show, the hosts experience ILMxLAB, Andi interviews Finding Dory co-director Angus MacLane, and we learn Boba Fett is overrated.

Calm down, Boba Fett being overrated is just one of the hosts’ opinions. Well, and my opinion. Come on, he’s in the entirety of the original trilogy for less than five minutes.

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Moving on to our recap of this week’s episode of The Star Wars Show! In news this week, we were reminded that The Force Awakens has officially exited theaters with a domestic box office haul of almost $1 billion. Hosts Andi and Peter also revealed ILMxLAB will have a booth at Star Wars Celebration Europe, where fans can play Trials of Tatooine, a virtual reality experience in which you are a Jedi padawan on a mission for Luke Skywalker. The hosts got to try Trials of Tatooine and attested if you’re going to Celebration Europe, ILMxLAB is a chance you don’t want to miss.

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Later in the show, Andi interviewed co-director of the upcoming Pixar film Finding Dory, Angus MacLane. During their conversation, Angus confirmed his favorite Star Wars movie is The Empire Strikes Back, its boldness as a dark and depressing middle act without a true happy ending being inspiring to him. He also helped us discover Andi’s true opinion of Boba Fett: she thinks he’s overrated. However, she loves Ponda Baba and all the other creatures in the Cantina in A New Hope, so she obviously understands the adoration people have for characters who get only blips of screen-time.

Angus has been involved with Pixar for many years, and has spent the last several directing Pixar short films, like Toy Story of Terror. Now, however, he’s excited to have worked on the highly anticipated sequel to Finding Nemo. It was on another feature film, Wall-e, when he got to work with Star Wars sound legend Ben Burtt. Burtt likes to regale his visitors and colleagues with stories of the old days, when he worked on Star Wars and Indiana Jones, and Angus told Andi about the fascinating tool Burtt used to create the sound of Indiana and Sallah are lifting the lid off the Ark of the Covenant. Watch the video for that story and the whole interview. (Spoiler: the tool was a toilet seat cover.)

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That’s it for this week’s installment of The Star Wars Show. Keep checking Dork Side for future recaps and more news as we get closer to this summer’s Star Wars news extravaganza, Celebration Europe.