Rogue One: New Photo Of Diego Luna As Captain Cassian Andor


The official Star Wars Movies Facebook page shared a brand new photo of Diego Luna as Captain Cassian Andor from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Last month, Star Wars Movies, an official mouthpiece of Lucasfilm promoting the Star Wars movies on social media, revealed a new photo of Riz Ahmed as Bodhi Rook from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. This month, they shared a new look at Diego Luna as Captain Cassian Andor of the Rebel Alliance. Check it out.

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What we know about Captain Cassian Andor, we know from an article by Anthony Breznican of Entertainment Weekly, which revealed exclusive new details about the character, and from what the Rogue One panel at Star Wars Celebration Europe told us. Cassian is a Rebel intelligence officer who likes to do his job “by-the-book.” The person who keeps everyone in the Rogue One team together, he’s also a loner. His only friend is his droid, K-2SO, who we know to be kind of an asshole, so maybe saying he’s Cassian’s only friend isn’t saying much about Cassian’s social skills.

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The photo above may be trying to tell us something about his social skills, or rather, the lack thereof. In one-shot glimpses like this photo, environment, body language, and facial expressions are our most important resources for learning something about the subject. It’s worth noting that Cassian is the only one sitting down in the photo, while all the other rebels are standing, looking at someone talking in front of Cassian. They are all listening, perhaps to a briefing or a warning or a speech meant to inspire them. Whoever they are staring at, whatever they are listening to, Cassian appears to not be taking it as seriously as they are. That could be because, as an officer, he doesn’t feel the need to stand at attention. It could also be because he’s heard whatever it is the person in front of him is saying before, and he’s tired of it.

I have a feeling there’s a touch of cynic in Cassian; he knows how hard it is fighting against the Empire, he knows it’s not all a grand adventure in the name of freedom and justice. It’s blood, lies, death, and sacrifice for those like him who are fighting on the ground everyday, as much for their lives as for the galaxy. The fact he’s sitting while everyone else is standing, the arch of his left eyebrow as he’s looking at whoever is speaking, all says he’s either not interested in or simply not buying whatever is being said. Despite being “by-the-books,” as he was described in the Entertainment Weekly article, this new photo portrays him as something of a true rebel as well. Perhaps, like Jyn Erso in the first trailer for Rogue One, he questions authority, or at least the convictions of those in authority.

There’s also got be a reason why his only friend is an asshole droid, and maybe that reason is Cassian himself doesn’t get along well with others unless he’s in a leadership position. He may not be an asshole himself, he may just have trouble trusting people. He may have secrets to hide. Trust issues and secrets, combined with a pinch of cynicism, can lead to a lack of respect for authority and an all-around mistrust of people in general. That quietly rebellious nature may be the reason he’s been paired with Jyn’s more explosive one: he is enough of an outsider to empathize with her and her motivations, but also dedicated enough to the Rebel Alliance and its cause to keep her total lack of respect for authority and rules in check.

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. None of the words written here about Cassian, an analysis conducted through just one writer’s perspective, may be right, but I feel I know the character better through it all, regardless.