Artist Makes Reportedly Accurate Sketch Of Luke’s Costume In Episode VIII


Star Wars fan artist Lumberjack Nick drew what Making Star Wars reports as an accurate sketch of Luke Skywalker’s costume in Star Wars: Episode VIII.

A few months ago, Making Star Wars reported a description of Luke Skywalker’s supposed costume in Star Wars: Episode VIII. Inspired, several fan artists decided to draw what Luke could look like in the 2018 Star Wars movie based on MSW’s report. One of these artists, who goes by the name Lumberjack Nick sketched what MSW is calling an “accurate depiction” of the Jedi’s new costume in a scene from the movie.

SPOILER WARNING: the costume shown below is quite different from what we saw Luke wear in The Force Awakens. If you’re worried about being even the least little bit spoiled for Episode VIII, read no further.

With the spoiler warnings out of the way, let’s get to the sketch.

In their initial report, MSW described Luke’s shirt and pants as being dark gray. On top of that is a matching asymmetrical cloak in a style reminiscent of the First Order’s Captain Phasma. Lumberjack Nick’s sketch depicts this costume, in a scene MSW says is directly from Episode VIII. In this scene, Rey is frustrated with Luke’s teachings. Luke, meanwhile, is holding a spear or a stick as he is in the sketch below; there is no sign or mention of his lightsaber anywhere. Check it out.

Image Credit: Lumberjack Nick (via Making Star Wars)

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MSW says Luke’s costume gets “filthy” in the film. Why this is so (other than the fact Luke probably doesn’t have a washing machine on whatever planet Rey finds him on) is not known. But dirt combined with the stark gray of Luke’s clothes is a far cry from his nearly pristine light-colored Jedi robes at the end of The Force Awakens. I wonder why Luke changes clothes. More so, though, I wonder which outfit best reflects his state of mind at this point in the saga.

It is also curious that Luke is not holding his lightsaber. MSW says there is even some debate over whether Luke even uses a lightsaber in Episode VIII. On the other hand, his lack of one in the scene Lumberjack Nick drew could be merely an oversight in the first description MSW received.

It’s also interesting to note that, like most apprentices, Rey is frustrated with Luke in this scene. It’s hard to imagine Luke sounding harsh or tough like Yoda. But I could see him driving Rey out of her mind with cryptic statements about the Force, or by refusing to tell her important things. Maybe he wants to avoid making the same mistakes he made with Ben, so he withholds information from her. Maybe, for example, he doesn’t want to tell her how Ben Solo turned to the dark side. When will teachers learn that not telling your student important, if painful truths only makes things worse?

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Once again, however, it is important that these costume and scene descriptions be taken with a grain of salt. Even if the source is as reliable as Making Star Wars, it’s wisest not to speak definitely about any spoilers until Lucasfilm confirms them. Still, the speculation will continue to go on.