Could a character from Star Wars Rebels be in The Last Jedi?


Pablo Hidalgo discusses a major connection between Star Wars Rebels and The Last Jedi…

Lucasfilm Story Group gatekeeper, Pablo Hidalgo, is not afraid to dive into the Unknown Regions of Twitter, interacting with us fellow Star Wars fans. In fact, he does more than just simply respond, by also answering major questions on Star Wars canon — The future…the past. Old tweets long-gone. In a recent Twitter conversation, Hidalgo responded to an image of Benicio del Toro — the mysterious D.J. from the upcoming The Last Jedi saga film:

We’ve got you covered, with the same image, but with a slight difference, which originally surfaced of D.J. at D23:

If you look closely, you can see a scar that closely resembles the one Ezra received during an encounter with the (now deceased) Grand Inquisitor — may he Rest in Peace. Take a look at an image of Ezra, then look at D.J.‘s.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

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It’s important to take conversations which take place on the internet with a grain of salt, however, there might be something here. In the past, Hidalgo is quick to debunk any theories that are untrue, including the origins of Snoke, who he says is clearly a new character — sorry to those of you who were holding on to Snoke being Darth Plagueis. Even though we don’t know anything about the origins of this D.J., there are a few things that line up with Ezra Bridger from Rebels. Ezra is the exact same age as the Skywalker twins (Luke and Leia), meaning that if he did, in fact, survive until the time-frame of The Last Jedi, he would be about 53 years old. Ironically, Benicio del Toro is exactly 53 years old. This backs up our previous conversation, of an image posted by Dave Filoni — Supervising Director of Rebels.

Imagine a (nearly) fully trained version of Ezra who has lost it all, who goes back to what he does best — surviving. This “D.J.” is known to be a splicer — basically a hacker and decoder, so it would be really cool to have Rebels connect in the larger scale picture of Star Wars, venturing into the saga films. Someone strong in the Force, like Ezra, would be able to cover his tracks, as well as manipulate it to gain information.

However, Hidalgo quickly puts this fan in his place, revealing there had to be some handy work done in order for the scars to match up:

It was a cool theory while it lasted, but we can still hold out hope, right? Maybe the photo itself was flipped to get us all off the scent, or most likely, Hidalgo is telling us the truth that Ezra and this D.J. are not one in the same. Either way, we are all dying to know what happens to the Jedi Padawan.

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What are your thoughts? What’s going to become of Ezra’s fate in Star Wars: Rebels? Is he, in fact, this “D.J.” that we will see in The Last Jedi or is Hidalgo telling us the truth, crushing those pipe-dreams? Tell us in the comments below and on our social media pages.