Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer rumored to drop January 12


Rumors surface that a Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer is set for a January 12 release.

When are we getting a trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story? That’s a question which Star Wars fans have been dying to know the answer to since Star Wars Celebration back in April. We held out hope we would receive it with The Last Jedi, but those dreams were crushed. Or even this past weekend for the NFL playoffs. Nothing but lies, deceptions, thus far.

Okay well maybe not those, but we want that trailer, and we want it now — embracing our inner Veruca Salt. However, we have some potentially good news, with rumors of a January 12 release date for the first Solo trailer.

Ron Howard, co-writer, and director for Solo has eased our hearts as well, responding to anxious fans on this matter on Twitter:

Solo: A Star Wars Story is likely to drop one of these dates during prominent sporting or entertainment venues, with January 12 as the current front-runner.

  • January 9 – ESPN: College Football National Championship Game
  • January 12 – ABC: Good Morning America
  • February 4 – NBC: Super Bowl LII

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Nevertheless, a trailer is coming, and it is coming very soon. More importantly than a date is the “what” or the content of the trailer. What are we going to see with the first footage for Solo?  Also, will it be a full-length version or just a teaser?

No matter the duration of the trailer, it must deliver. Scenes with Han Solo and his mentor Tobias Beckett — played by Woody Harrelson — must be featured. Seeing Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo will also set the tone for the entire film, with Harrison Ford’s presence looming ever so large.

Likely, we will get a dose of scenes from Chewie’s home planet of Kashyyyk, with a few lines from the smooth Lando Calrissian. The Millennium Falcon will no doubt make a flyby, likely ending the trailer in the process, leaving us with goosebumps like The Force Awakens did with Han Solo and Chewie —“Chewie, we’re home.” 

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Solo: Star Wars Story will hit theatres May 25, 2018, worldwide. Meanwhile, we use our Jedi skills of patience and wait. What in the Force are you waiting for, Lucasfilm?