Star Wars Rebels: Will Darth Vader return in Season 4?


The Dark Lord of the Sith played a major role in Star Wars Rebels Season 2. Will he return for the final episodes of the series?

Star Wars Rebels only has a handful of episodes remaining, but it’s gearing up to go out with a bang. While the Ghost crew is getting ready for a final showdown with the Empire, Grand Admiral Thrawn is preparing to thwart the Rebellion and stop the Alliance from becoming a serious threat to peace, freedom, justice, and security. We already know that Emperor Palpatine, himself, will be making an appearance and there’s also evidence suggesting that Ahsoka Tano will return in one form or another. One thing that’s yet to become clear, however, is whether or not Darth Vader will dauntingly march – billowing cape and all – into any of the final few episodes.

Rebels is focusing on Thrawn, who, to the delight of longtime Star Wars fans, was introduced into the Disney canon in the show’s third season. Thrawn served as the primary adversary to Ezra, Kanan, Hera, Sabine, Zeb, and Chopper throughout Season 3 and made his presence known during the first half of season 4. At this point, his fate is as up-in-the-air as the rest of the show’s cast. Thrawn could very well perish in the Rebels finale, but he’s just as likely to survive and live on to serve the Empire in other iterations.

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Fans were so excited to see Thrawn in Rebels that Vader’s Season 2 performance has kind of been overshadowed. That could all change if Vader returns for the show’s final episodes.

Despite the fact that there hasn’t been any information on a Star Wars Rebels return of Darth Vader, his presence makes sense for where the story is heading. After all, the Empire’s Inquisitors — assassins trained in the Force and hired to wipe out any remaining Jedi post-Revenge of the Sith –– have failed time and time again to kill Ezra and Kanan. The Grand Inquisitor’s failure to rid the galaxy of Jedi in Season 1 led to Vader’s down-to-business arrival in Season 2 when he took it upon himself to hunt down and destroy both Kanan and Ezra.

Of course, Vader also failed in Season 2, so he’d likely be even more determined and driven to kill any surviving Jedi this time around. The Emperor may be growing impatient with the growing Rebellion and could dispatch Vader to deal with them once and for all. Of course, Vader could also show up alongside the Emperor. Could Ezra take on both Lords of the Sith at the same time… right?

If Ahsoka does return, it only makes sense to see Vader too.

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When we last saw Ahsoka Tano, she was emotionally dual-wielding her white lightsabers against her former master. We lost sight of the duel as Ezra fled, and have wondered about Ahsoka’s fate ever since. Many fans believed we hadn’t seen the last of the beloved character, and Dave Filoni only stimulated fan speculation when he wore an “Ahsoka Lives!” shirt at Star Wars Celebration.

If Ahsoka does, in fact, live, then it makes sense for her old master, Darth Vader, to show up. He would likely be looking for her to finish the job of wiping all remnants of his former life from the galaxy.

He could, on the other hand, appear in spirit, if Ahsoka decides to recount what exactly happened after we lost sight of her engagement with Vader. One thing’s for sure: if we see Ahsoka, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Vader close by. Just like their histories, their fates are intertwined.

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