Star Wars Rebels: A showdown between Ezra and the Emperor?


The Emperor is making an appearance in Star Wars: Rebels. What could his presence mean for Ezra?

One of the many things Star Wars Rebels does right is trailers; and the trailer for the second half of season 4, the show’s final season, is no exception. If you haven’t seen it yet (what have you been doing since Friday?!), go check it out.

Now that you’ve seen the trailer and digested some of the major points for consideration, let’s zone in on the biggest, the baddest, the most notorious villain in the galaxy: Emperor Palpatine.

Yes, Emperor Palpatine will officially make the jump to the animated world of Rebels. Possibly the best part of his return is the fact that Ian McDiarmid, who portrayed Palpatine in every single one of the character’s appearances in the Star Wars films, will be lending his voice talents to the Rebels production.

To quickly recap our long journey with the Ghost crew:

Rebels season 2 brought us Darth Vader and Rebels season 3 brought us Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

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Now Rebels season 4 is upping the ante and bringing us the Emperor, and it seems he’s going to be as evil as ever.

What does the Emperor’s presence mean for Ezra?

We only get a brief glance of him in the trailer, but he strongly proclaims from under his daunting hood: “Ezra Bridger – mine at last!” This indicates an eventual showdown between Ezra and Palpatine – one in which Ezra (even though we love him) clearly stands absolutely no chance. He is facing off against the most powerful Sith in the galaxy, after all.

The circumstances under which this showdown takes place, however, are still up for speculation. Will it be before or after Kanan’s probable demise? Will Ashoka Tano be there to somehow aid Ezra? Will a loth-wolf offer its mysterious methods of assistance? Will Ezra face Palpatine alone? Will he turn to the dark side?

One thing’s for certain: a showdown with Emperor Palpatine foreshadows an untimely end for Ezra Bridger.

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All will become clear when Star Wars Rebels returns for the final time on February 19 on Disney XD.