Watch Disney reveal new drone footage of Star Wars theme park (Video)


Disney releases new drone footage of the new Star Wars land themed parks, coming to a galaxy near you in 2019

Disney is building (literally) a Star Wars experience like we’ve never seen before, with their new Star Wars land themed parks opening in 2019 — in both Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida and Disney Land in Anaheim, California.

Recently, Disney released brand new drone footage of their progress on location in Anaheim, California, showing on their latest addition to their theme park collection — with Leia’s theme playing in the background. Perfection.

The official name of the amusement park is Star Wars: Galaxies Edge, literally taking you to the edge of a galaxy far, far away in the process. Thus far, we know that park guests will pilot the Millennium Falcon on a classified mission, as well as taking part in a “climactic battle” between the ruthless First Order and the hopeful Resistance. Also, the new attraction puts visitors in the hangar bay of an actual Star Destroyer.

We also received word in February that the Star Wars: Galaxies Edge in Orlando, Florida is providing occupants with a unique and breathtaking hotel experience.

Honestly, it’s somewhat surprising how quickly this new structure is coming along. It makes you wonder if they’ve had new ways to motivate them — with the construction crew likely doubling their efforts.

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It’s unknown at this point the cost of both theme parks, but it’s sure to set you back a pretty penny. However, this special experience will be worth every single hard-earned dollar, so you better start saving up now.

Since 1955, Disney is making our dreams becoming a reality, with cutting-edge attractions such as these. Walt Disney said it best himself:

"“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”"

Walt Disney would no doubt be proud of these technological wonders created in his name, over the years. It’s fun to imagine what these innovators will create in the next 5, 10, or even 20 years from now. The sky is the limit. What a time to be alive as a Star Wars fan. What will the powers-to-be think of next time?

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Star Wars: Galaxies Edge seems to be the best Disney adventure yet, and we cannot wait for those gates to open for the first time — taking us to infinity and beyond with our wildest dreams coming to fruition.