Watch (Video) Star Wars: ‘How Snoke got his scars’


Watch a video with a connection to Star Wars: The Last Jedi showing a how Snoke received his disfigured look — with a comedic edge.

Ever since Star Wars: The Force Awakens dropped in 2015, we’ve been itching to know more information about the shadowy Supreme Leader Snoke. It’s sequel, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, revealed next to nothing on his origins, with the novelization giving much more detail on his past. Still, we’re left without the knowledge of his exact identity.

Snoke’s appearance is one of age. Frailty. Damage. Something terrible happened to Snoke in times past, which no doubt sparks his hatred,  anger, and deep connection to the Dark Side of the Force. But, how did he get those scars?

Recently, Star Wars YouTube filmmaker Mitch “Dash Star” Dostine collaborated with the Auralnauts in this comedic video of how Snoke received his scars. You may want to set down your popcorn or any liquid beverage, or you may ruin your fancy computer or cell phone device.

The scene with Rey and Kylo Ren aboard the Finalizer, inspired by The Force Awakens, introduces Larry the Flametrooper — who we hope Pablo Hidalgo and the Lucasfilm story group implements into the Star Wars canon. We “discover” how the remains of Kylo Ren’s fallen enemies turned to nothing but ashes.

"“I nearly burnt my ass off Larry… You’re ‘fired’ Larry. Get it?”"

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Classic! Dash has been making Star Wars videos for years and has inspired me greatly in my pursuit of Star Wars lore, but, this one takes the cake as his best work yet — and that’s saying a lot.

Dash Star even mentions the mysterious race of Bothans, who I’m sure much more of their kind perished if they were around Larry, Kylo, and the flamethrower. Speaking of flames, that’s how Snoke “got his scars,” at least in this alternate joke reality.

Kylo Ren torches a young looking, James Van Der Beek version of Snoke, and burns him to a crisp. Even though many of you understand this is all a joke, there are a few who I’m sure don’t realize this is a parody. No, Snoke did not get his scars in this manner, but, it would be amazing if he did.

Dash (Mitch) keep up the great work with your content, and we hope you embrace the world of comedy more often. Bravo. Bravo!

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