Watch Star Wars Rebels ‘deleted scene’ of Ahsoka Tano (Video)


Photo Credit: Lucasfilm and Dave Filoni

Before the second half of Star Wars Rebels Season 4, Dave Filoni revealed full details of a deleted scene with Ahsoka Tano and the Bendu. Recently, a fan turned it into a video, and it will blow your mind.

It’s hard to believe that the epic journey of Star Wars Rebels is over. What am I now going to do with my Monday nights? We can only hope that a new Star Wars animated series arrives soon to fill it’s void, but I digress.

Star Wars Rebels provided Dave Filoni with the ending he and the Lucasfilm story group desired, unlike Star Wars: The Clone Wars before it, which ended prematurely due to Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm. This time around, they were able to complete the show on their terms.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm and Dave Filoni

As par the course, Dave Filoni left Star Wars fans with more questions than answers, especially with the fates of Ezra Bridger and Grand Admiral Thrawn. We learned that Ahoska Lives and that Ezra Bridger travels through time Marty McFly style, of sorts, rescuing her from the death blow of Darth Vader.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm and Dave Filoni

Evidently, there’s more to her fateful encounter with the ruthless Sith Lord, with Dave Filoni revealing a deleted scene between Ahsoka and the Bendu, which took place towards the end of season two.

Filoni’s reveal of this deleted scene is old news, but recently a fan turned the script into an actual scene. It’s quite well done, so we wanted to share it with you all. Enjoy!

For a second there, I believed that was the voice of Ashley Eckstein. Well done!

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Now that we know that Ahsoka does indeed live, this conversation carry’s more weight and significance for not only Ahoska but the Star Wars canon storyline moving forward.

"Bendu: “You’re set on this confrontation then?”Ahsoka: “I have to know the truth.”Bendu: “So be it, but understand this, much will change as a result of this encounter, including you.”Ahsoka: “Isn’t that true of all things, as time advances?”Bendu: “My dear, when I say change, I mean death.”Ahsoka: “So, I will die?”Bendu: “Will you? I didn’t know that. Goodbye then, Ahsoka Tano, former Jedi Knight.”"

No doubt the “death” and “change” the Bendu is referring to is the transformation of Ahsoka from her “grey” status, into Ahoska “The White.” 

Ahsoka’s experience on the Sith world and inside of its temple drastically transformed her. Not only her encounter with her former Master, Darth Vader but what took place following, inside of the depths of the ancient temple. She evidently spent quite a bit of time there following her duel with Vader, which Filoni reveals via Topps cards featuring Ahsoka.

Ahsoka must have learned some mind-blowing truths about the Force. It’s evident by how bad-ass she looks at the very end of Rebels. Her fate also opens up possible stories about Ahsoka and Luke Skywalker, with Ahsoka schooling her Master’s offspring in the ways of the Force.

Photo Credit Lucasfilm, IMGFlip

We cannot wait for more details on this time and more stories of Ahsoka to be told. Ahsoka Lives!

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Even though Star Wars Rebels is over, Disney XD provides us with all episodes for free (at least for now).

Watch all the episodes while you still can!