Are Star Wars films flying too casual in its approach?


Are Star Wars films flying too casual in their approach with a galaxy far, far away?

I don’t know, fly casual. Is that the approach Lucasfilm/Disney is taking with their recent Star Wars films?

Our friend Alex Damon started the conversation and got us thinking — you need to support his channel Star Wars Explained, it’s fantastic. We also chatted with him right before The Last Jedi came out in December, so check it out. 

Now, back to the discussion.

Should the powers to be at the Lucasfilm story group add deeper cuts and more direct references to the saga films? Absolutely, they should.

Having characters such as Ahsoka, Ezra Bridger, (former Clonetrooper) Rex, or another extended canon player appear in the saga Star Wars film would be amazing. If Ahsoka “The White” pops up in Episode IX, I may lose my “you know what” right there in the theatre.

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The current timeline connects well with each one of its storytelling venues; the comics, novels, animated series, and visual guides. Now, Rogue One absolutely takes this approach, but in standalone films, it’s less risky. These sorts of films are made for diehard Star Wars fans.

I’m talking about an actual episodic film implementing more apparent connections into their movies — not just Easter eggs.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe the story group has the stones to do so with its mainstream movies. It’s too risky, and the “casual” fan could care less about such characters. But, for those of us heavily invested in every single bit of material deserves a more significant payoff.

It’s no secret that we love The Last Jedi, but, would it have been too hard for Rian Johnson to state Snoke’s true identity –whether it be Darth Plaguies, Revan, that he’s connected to Knights of the Old Republic; whomever? Or in The Force Awakens, include more obvious prequel and The Clone Wars nods?

J.J. Abrams, if you’re listening, take a big swing and go for the fences. Put a famous non-film character into the Episode IX. I have faith you’ll pull it off without the execution being sloppy or “Forced.” That’s why they pay you the big bucks!

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Prove me wrong, Lucasfilm, and take a chance, putting a popular extended character (Ahsoka –cough, cough) in Episode IX.