Solo: A Star Wars Story featurette reveals new footage


A recently released Solo: A Star Wars story featurette has revealed some tantalizing new footage. And it’s getting us super pumped for the May 25 premiere!

The video, entitled “Becoming Solo,” features mini-interviews with Director Ron Howard, Screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan, and cast members such as Donald Glover, Alden Ehrenreich, and Emilia Clarke — for Solo: A Star Wars Story. 

Something that is repeated by both Donald Glover and Alden Ehrenreich is the fact that this film gives us a unique glimpse into who Han Solo was before he became the Solo we see in the original trilogy. He’s young. He’s reckless. He’s eager to prove himself. As Emilia Clarke puts it:

"“He does these stupid things that should never work. And they do. And he does it with bravado.”"

As Clarke is describing this quality of Han’s, there is a brief scene of Han jumping out of a spacecraft onto the rotating train, which is a precursor to the scene we’ve already seen many times in trailers and TV Spots.

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However, this shot gives us a little taste of the Han Solo humor we can expect from the film. Han Solo, wearing a heavy coat and goggles, drops from an open door on the spacecraft onto the top of the train bellowing loudly as he does so. When he hits the top of the train, he does so very clumsily. It’s pretty funny to watch.

Then, he says to Chewie in a very strained voice that he’s fine (even though he’s obviously shaken). It’s hard to explain it in words, but the comedic timing of the brief scene is excellent.

The new footage isn’t extensive, but we do get some cool little extra bits of information in this new feature. There is a brief scene of Han Solo in a dark cave with a pool in it.

Han Solo is surrounded by individuals with guns and has apparently been taken captive, and if you look closely, you can see Moloch in the background.

Now, according to a new photo, there is conjecture that Moloch is working with the Empire. We don’t know yet in what capacity, but we know he’s connected to them.

Han Solo is shoved roughly to the edge of the pool as a worm-like alien rises from the water. What is going on here? Is he being executed by a worm? I cannot wait to see this scene in the film.

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To see all the rest of the little goodies that have been sent our way by Lucasfilm, you can go and watch the featurette for yourself! It’s a short video, but it’s a fun watch! Let us know what you’re most excited about seeing in Solo: A Star Wars Story in the comments below!