Solo: A Star Wars Story featurette reveals Lord and Miller’s final role


The featurette promoting Solo: A Star Wars Story, “Becoming Solo,” reveals Lord and Miller’s final role/credit for the film.

After filming (reportedly) over 80 percent of Solo: A Star Wars Story, the film’s (former) directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were given the ax, after the movie’s lead-writer Lawrence Kasdan and Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy were unhappy with Lord and Miller’s initial footage.

Lucasfilm/Disney decided to part ways with the duo, turning to Academy Award-winning (and Star Wars fan) Ron Howard to guide the Millennium Falcon to safety. From what we’ve seen from the full-length theatrical trailer and heard from those who’ve seen initial screenings of Solo: A Star Wars Story; the movie is very promising.

Early ticket sales prove that the Star Wars fandom is more excited about the movie than anticipated initially. As we inch closer and closer to the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, the more details surface about the film — even behind the scenes information.

The Solo: A Star Wars Story featurette,” Becoming Solo,” recently dropped, revealing subtle details of the final involvement/credit of Lord and Miller with the project.

Lord and Miller popped up unexpectedly, during the portion of the film’s credits, shown in the “Making Solo” featurette.

Lord and Miller are credited as Executive Producers for Solo: A Star Wars Story. But, what exactly does that mean? J.J. Abrams is credited as an Executive Producer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which is a surprise to some people.

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Typically, the role of an Executive Producer for a movie project will:

"Oversee the work of the producer on behalf of the studio, the financiers or the distributors. They will ensure the film is completed on time, within budget, and to agreed artistic and technical standards… May be a producer who has raised a significant proportion of a film’s finance, or who has secured the underlying rights to the project."

The first part rings true for Lord and Miller, who did oversee Solo: A Star Wars Story. However, according to reports, they failed in completing the film on time, leading to their dismissal from the roles as directors of this particular Star Wars film.

Hey, nobody’s perfect, with Lord and Miller fulfilling most of their duties. We may never know how much of the film is their footage, and how involved they were with the final product. I believe that Lucasfilm/Disney did Lord and Miller a solid, giving them a bit of “credit” as a peace offering, of sorts.

Time will tell if their terms of peace will be accepted and if Lord and Miller are invited to the red carpet premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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Solo: A Star Wars Story drops in theatres, worldwide (punch it, Chewie!) May 25, 2018.

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