Ron Howard re-shot nearly all of Solo: A Star Wars Story


The always reliable news source for a galaxy far, far away reveals how much of Solo: A Star Wars story was re-shot.

When Phil Lord and Chris Miller were relieved of director duties for Solo: A Star Wars Story, we expected a good portion of the film would be re-shot by its new director Ron Howard. Apparently, the film will not only have a different tone but will primarily be a brand new movie from Lord and Miller’s initial vision.

SWNN informed The Resistance broadcast that a majority of the upcoming Solo ended up on the cutting room floor.

"Reshoots ended up covering nearly  all of Han Solo. Potentially up to twice the budget. Ron Howard re-shot 80% or more."

Lord and Miller filmed for an estimated six months, while Howard spent an approximant four months worth of shooting.

Lucasfilm must not have been happy with the footage they had at that point to completely make a new story.

Also, will the remaining 20% of Lord and MIller’s portion be obvious or will the editors find a way to blend it with Howard’s flavor?

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One character was removed from the film, Michael K. Williams, while another played by Paul Bettany spawned in that short time, displaying that total character shift of the plot for Solo.

Initially, the expectation was that Lord and Miller’s comedic tone still being present within the film, but this new development speaks volumes. Solo will be most, if not all of Howard and Lawrence Kasdan’s altered vision.

When the initial news broke that Lord and Miller parted ways with the project, I was ecstatic. Nothing against them personally, but I’m not a fan of their style at all.

Lord and Millers’ humor is not my preference, with their slap-stick tone not a good fit for a galaxy far, far away. Also, with their unwillingness to work with Kathleen Kennedy and Kasdan in modifying the film, it showed their lack of humility, hindering them from taking on this daunting task.

Adding icing onto the cake, the reveal of Ron Howard taking over for them was a perfect choice. The veteran director had always wanted to make a Star Wars movie, with his excitement revealed all over his social media accounts.

I’m eager to see what Howard does with the versatile Donald Glover, as well as the (nearly) unproven Alden Ehrenreich. The fact that Howard is working with Kasdan — the man behind the original vision of Han Solo created with George Lucas — is very encouraging.

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If anyone can recreate the magic of Han Solo without having Harrison Ford, its Kasdan. Thank the maker for the massive amounts of re-shoots, restoring my faith in this film once again.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is due for a May 25, 2018, release date.