Solo: A Star Wars Story rumors: Jabba the Hutt or Maul could be the main ‘boss’


Solo: A Star Wars Story rumors are buzzing that a mainstay Star Wars character could be the main boss in the film. Could it be Maul? Or even, Jabba the Hutt?

Solo: A Star Wars Story rumors are buzzing like crazy, with the film approaching at lightspeed pace, less than two weeks away now from its theatric release. For those fortunate scoundrels lucky enough to score the winning Sabacc hand and who have seen it, the initial reactions are very promising for Solo: A Star Wars Story. 

Most of us have to wait until Memorial Day weekend, but in the meantime, we have to surface through Solo: A Star Wars Story rumors to keep our Star Wars appetites fed in the meantime.

Recently, some juicy Solo: A Star Wars Story rumors surfaced on who the main boss, or as Woody Harrelson refers to as the “big shot gangster” indeed is. Paul Bettany, who plays Dryden Vos, reveals that he, in fact, answers to another boss himself, which stirred the hornet’s nest of Solo: A Star Wars Story rumors.

It’s plausible this new head honcho is a brand-spanking new character, but other names you might have heard of have now surfaced to the top of the Solo: A Star Wars Story rumors mill. Jabba the Hutt is the most prominent and likely of these names, with other Solo: A Star Wars Story rumors surfacing that he is going to appear in the Han Solo standalone movie.

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Honestly, a Han Solo origins story without Jabba the Hutt would feel out of place. The two have a history and the young Solo at one point had a close relationship with the vile Hutt clan leader.

Seeing Han Solo drop the cargo in this film would be an amazing tie into Star Wars: A New Hope, adding even more canon connectivity to an already cohesive storyline.

Another possibility could be the return of Maul (formerly Darth), who is still alive and well at this point in the Star Wars story.

The former Sith Lord built up an incredible criminal underworld network during the time of Star Wars: The Clone Wars until his old Master Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine thwarted his plans.

However, Maul does escape and flees back into the darkness, not resurfacing until much later during Star Wars Rebels.

But, Maul does plug back into his criminal ways, and appearing in Solo: A Star Wars Story would not feel out of place and would be loads of fun. It’s more unlikely that he won’t, but what a bombshell revelation that would be in the theatre.

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Remember to take this Solo: A Star Wars Story rumors with a grain of sand, yes we hate sand too. We don’t have to wait too much longer, when the Han Solo origins story hits theaters May 25, 2018.