Watch Forces of Destiny: Qi’ra and a surprise guest appear in new Forces of Destiny (Video)


There is a new Forces of Destiny episode that dropped recently and it features none other than the mysterious Qi’Ra from Solo: A Star Wars Story. In addition, we get a surprise appearance from an old favorite…

One of the more recent episodes of Forces of Destiny focuses on the newest Star Wars female character, Qi’ra.

The episode opens on the streets of Corellia where Qi’ra is fleeing an IG-88 assassin droid. Rounding a corner at full speed, she finds herself hopelessly trapped on a dead-end street.

Suddenly, a door in front of her slides open and an old favorite (for those who have watched the animated Star Wars series), Hondo Ohnaka, appears with that ever-present smirk.

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It seems he has teamed up with the assassin droid to hunt Qi’Ra down and collect a bounty on her head – she is a Crimson Dawn lieutenant after all.

When she points out that Hondo could get more money from selling the droid, he laughs and tells her that the bounty on his head is more than both hers and the droids’ put together.

Of course, the droid then tries to double-cross Hondo (which…knowing Hondo he planned that all along so he wouldn’t have to split the bounty). In response, Hondo shoots and then handcuffs the IG-88 droid.

During this scuffle, the scrappy and resourceful Qi’Ra frees herself from the restraints she’s been put in and turns the whole situation around. She takes both Hondo and IG-88 captive to collect on the bounty on them.

I enjoyed this episode even if it didn’t teach me a whole lot more about Qi’Ra. I, of course, loved seeing Hondo Ohnaka again! He’s always hilarious and devious.

The one thing that DID, in fact, bother me is that Emilia Clarke didn’t do the voice! What the heck?! Come on now, Emilia.

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I’m glad Star Wars is including more content that involves Qi’ra. Hopefully, in the future, we will see her become a more fleshed out character.

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