Will Greg Grunberg Return For Star Wars Episode IX?


Long time J.J. Abrams collaborator Greg Grunberg on whether or not he’s returning for Star Wars Episode IX

It’s a good week to be a Star Wars fan! San Diego Comic-Con is fully underway and we’re all thrilled to learn that the Clone Wars animated series is coming back to tell it’s final chapter! Amidst this massive revelation, and the desires for certain character arcs to be addressed, a smaller – but no less fun – bit of casting news may have slipped by.

In an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment actor Greg Grunberg addressed whether he’d be returning to Episode IX as Temmin “Snap” Wexley. When asked he stated:

"You know what — we’d better or else my wife is going to kill me for growing a beard…I can’t officially say anything, but this is getting itchy, and I’m getting itchy to go over there and do it."

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While not exactly a confirmation, there is a heavy implication that Grunberg has been tapped to return and is heading to England to take part in the film. Grunberg – along with the recently cast Keri Russel – has had a long and fruitful collaborative history with returning helmer J.J. Abrams.

Audiences last saw the ace X-wing pilot in The Force Awakens. Canonically trained by Wedge Antilles, Wexley was instrumental in providing support for Poe Dameron’s fateful attack run over Starkiller Base. Wexley was however absent from last year’s sequel The Last Jedi. Perhaps his absence will be explained as having factored into finding allies to rally around the diminished Resistance? Time alone will tell.

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With the additions of Billy Dee Williams, Keri Russel, and Grunberg to the existing cast, the final installment of the Sequel Trilogy is shaping up to be a lively and robust feature. Many fans are counting on Abrams to deliver a more holistic Star Wars film than that of his immediate predecessor. While Abrams’ own TFA was far less controversial, it did still garner some debate. Speaking on the experience of living with fan expectations Grunberg had this to say:

"I get it all the time. I’m trying to watch my son play baseball, and someone goes, ‘You know what I thought J.J. should have done?’ I’m like, ‘Can I just watch my kid?’ It comes along with the territory"

What do you feel about the possible return of Wexley to EP IX? What are your hopes for the end of the Sequel Trilogy? Give us a shout in the comments below!