Star Wars: Visions “Screecher’s Reach” won an Emmy!

Daal tries to flee in Star Wars: Visions Season 2 episode "Screecher's Reach"
Daal tries to flee in Star Wars: Visions Season 2 episode "Screecher's Reach" /

Make another tick in the awards column for a galaxy far, far away because Star Wars: Visions has won an Emmy! The official Star Wars Twitter account shared the news.

In the post, they wrote, “Congratulations to Cartoon Saloon’s Almu Redondo, art director of Star Wars: Visions ‘Screecher’s Reach’ for her Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Win for Production Design.”

This is a huge accomplishment, as a jury chooses the Primetime Creative Emmy Awards in the Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation category. Since there are no nominees like in the regular process, Redondo was specifically picked to be among the group, winning for Production Design. The other winners included Meybis Ruiz Cruz from Netflix’s Entergalatic, Maya Edelman from Paramount’s More Than I Want to Remember, and Nik Ranieri from Fox’s The Simpsons. Almu Redondo is an Art Director, Production Designer, and Concept Artist with Cartoon Saloon, one of the studios that created the Visions shorts of Season 2.

While fans have loved Star Wars: Visions, “Screecher’s Reach” was immediately an instant favorite when Season 2 came out. The Dork Side of the Force ranking of the Season 2 episodes picked it as the best of the new bunch. It was praised for the twist of storytelling and the final reveal. The unique style of Cartoon Saloon, known for its Academy Award-nominated movies like Wolfwalkers, shined with its mix of stunning backgrounds and gritty, fearful villains.

I adore “Screecher’s Reach,” recently writing about how it’s a perfect piece of horror by subverting a well-known Star Wars story. The scream of the croan sticks with you alongside the gut punch of Daal’s choice. You leave the short feeling the cold and dread of the Dark Side, and it’s amazing to watch.

This win is an accomplishment for Cartoon Saloon and the Star Wars: Visions team. It’s well-earned indeed.

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