The Bad Batch: It's time for Omega to lead and Tantiss is the place to do it

Throughout the three seasons of The Bad Batch, she has learned all the tools needed to step into the leadership role.
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 episode 12 "Juggernaut." Omega. Image Credit:
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 episode 12 "Juggernaut." Omega. Image Credit: /

The latest episode of The Bad Batch Season 3, “Juggernaut,” saw Omega once again arrive at Mount Tantiss. Led deep into the vault by the villainous Doctor Royce Hemlock, she saw firsthand there were more than just her clone brothers that needed to be saved:

There were Force-sensitive children too.

While whether or not Omega is Force-sensitive is still yet to be determined, finding the kids has presented a fantastic opportunity for the young clone. She is not the scared, naive girl from Season 1 learning about the galaxy. She has far more tools at her disposal. It's time for Omega to step into a leadership role, and taking charge of the Force-sensitive kids on Tantiss is a great chance to do so.

Omega has been primed for leadership since day one of the show. For two seasons, she has gotten training from her brothers. Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, and Echo have each imparted knowledge and their particular skills to their sister. The series has gone out of its way to show off these moments of her soldier training. However, she got more than just the skills of Clone Force 99.

Phee Genoa taught her the ways of pirating and thinking outside the box. Despite all the backstabbing over the seasons, even Cid showed Omega how to hustle someone and put on her best poker face. We immediately got to see this skill on display in "Juggernaut." The visual storytelling the creators use for Omega is excellent in the episode. She's not saying anything, but her actions are speaking volumes. Omega is taking in everything. She's looking around. She's noting the guards and where they are. This kid is clearly forming a plan and wearing her Cid-taught poker face so Hemlock doesn't suspect a thing.

Crosshair joined the Batch again in Season 3. While not sticking a sniper rifle in her hand, Crosshair at least told Omega the skills needed to do his job. However, he even primed her in an even more important way: He followed her plan in "Point of No Return." He trusted her when she took charge and followed through with the execution. While her other brothers have considered her thoughts and ideas, this was the first time she put out a full plan for one of them to execute.

Then there are the Force-sensitive people she's interacted with. In Season 2, Gungi taught her some of the basics of being a Jedi, like centering herself and meditation. We've already watched Omega apply this lesson to help Crosshair with his hand tremors. Then, Asajj Ventress appeared and taught Omega some of the basics, such as opening herself to the Force and reaching out. Even if Omega is not Force-sensitive, she has been given the tools to teach the other kids how to use their own abilities. She can explain how to center themselves and open up to the Force, which could play into an escape plan.

Every step, each episode, has led to this moment for Omega. She can now take all the skills she's learned from her brothers, her friends, Ventress, and even Cid to lead the Force-sensitive kids at Mount Tantiss. It's time for Omega to step into the leadership role she's destined to have, and I can't wait to see it.

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