The Bad Batch season 3, episode 13 recap: The penultimate episode

The Batch arrives at Tantiss, but, like always, not everything goes to plan.
Omega in a scene from "STAR WARS: THE BAD BATCH", season 3 exclusively on Disney+. © 2024 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™. All Rights Reserved.
Omega in a scene from "STAR WARS: THE BAD BATCH", season 3 exclusively on Disney+. © 2024 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™. All Rights Reserved. /

This recap has full spoilers for The Bad Batch Season 3, episode 14, "Flash Strike."

This is it! The penultimate episode of The Bad Batch. There’s a lot to recap, so here is everything you missed in Season 3, episode 14, “Flash Strike.”

Just a quick recap from last week so we know where everyone is starting: Echo is currently alone on a science vessel heading to Mount Tantiss. He snuck on there to drop the sensors for the rest of Clone Force 99 so they could attach their shuttle to the science vessel. Along for the ride with Clone Force 99 is ex-Vice Admiral Rampart, who is the big wild card of the mission. All are on their way to Tantiss to rescue Omega. Onto this week!

We open in hyperspace with Hunter and the team forming a plan. To avoid sensors, they will detach from the science vessel, land in the jungle, and head in on foot. Crosshair brings up how deadly the jungle is, recalling earlier episodes in the season.

Echo hasn’t been idle. He knocked out the stormtroopers who almost found him and broke into the science vessel's system.

However, the team’s actions haven’t gone unnoticed. On Tantiss, Clone Commando Scorch tells Doctor Royce Hemlock that there might be a security issue with the science vessel. They know the Batch infiltrated the station over Coruscant during the last episode with Rampart. Hemlock sends out fighters to look for the Batch and locks down the base.

And these fighters immediately find the Batch’s ship as soon as they disengage from the science vessel. Their ship is hit and starts to go down.

Meanwhile, Omega and the Force sensitive kids hear the base’s laser canons outside. Omega knows it’s the Batch there for her. Doctor Emerie Karr tells the other doctors to follow protocol, giving Doctor Scalder (who was very suspicious of Emerie last episode) the task of watching the kids for her.

Back outside, Hunter has some fancy flying, but they don’t have time to land like normal with their ship on fire and losing shields. Sticking their crashing vessel on autopilot, they grab a panicking Rampart and slide down rappel cables into the jungle as their ship crashes.

Hemlock isn’t convinced the Batch is dead, so he sends a team to search their crash site. He also wants the science vessel searched for any other members of Clone Force 99 who might be on it.

Wrecker and Crosshair are together in the jungle while Hunter is with Rampart. Wrecker mentions Crosshair knows how to break in. Crosshair says he’d rather not be there, but Omega didn’t leave him behind when she could have. Just then, they run into Hunter and Rampart, putting the team back together. The Imperial troops arrive to search their crash site and begin searching the jungle.

We hop over to Echo, who swaps out his armor with a stormtrooper’s. Scorch begins to search the vessel. He’s found by a droid, which he quickly dispatches and steals the hand off of so he can hide his own missing hand. Echo finally slips out of the ship through the droid port into the hanger of Tantiss where all the troops are being checked. He avoids detection, falling in line with a group of soldiers.

Back with the kids, Eva and the others have realized this is all very strange and something is happening because the normal tests haven’t been done. Omega, who is very aware of how her brothers roll, needs to scout out her own escape route. She teaches the kids how to cover her in case the droids or Scalder come by. Omega slips into her room, prying off the wall panels. She crawls up the shaft to find a way out of the vault.

With the Batch, Crosshair and Rampart discuss being good soldiers who followed orders only for the Empire to betray both of them. Rampart says that Crosshair is like him, loyal only to himself. Crosshair grunts, “I’ve changed,” which Rampart dryly answers, “Sure you have,” clearly not believing the clone.

The Batch sneaks past some troopers only to run into one of the deadly creatures in the forest. Rampart flees into the woods, leaving the Batch to fight the massive critter with big teeth and claws. Wrecker takes a hard hit specifically. Rampart’s panic gives away their position, and blaster fire spills out into the jungle. Thankfully, there’s a big creature with teeth and claws chasing them, too, and the beast gets distracted by the stormtroopers. Rampart, however, is found by another group of troopers as the Batch slips away.

Inside of Tantiss, Echo breaks into a control panel and finds a map of where he needs to go. Omega is following the elevator shafts in the walls, looking for a way out. She spots another experiment through a grate in the wall: The Zillo Beast that was taken back in Season 2 in the episode "Metamorphosis."

The Force sensitive kids must immediately act as Doctor Scalder and a droid arrives to take their vitals. They all start giving excuses to Scalder to slow her process, trying to give Omega extra time.

Who races back down the elevator shaft and slips into her room just in time as Scalder arrives for her.

Echo sneaks into Nala Se’s old lab, searching for anything about Omega or the clones. Emerie catches him in the act, notices his fake hand, and calls him by name. Echo calls her out for being a clone experimenting on other clones. Emerie agrees to help him by taking him to the other Force sensitive children.

The other kids sit with Omega in the vault room. Now, knowing the Zillo Beast is there, Omega has a plan to escape, where “Flash Strike” ends.

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