The Bad Batch: What's in store for the back half of the season?

The Bad Batch's final season is heading into the homestretch and promises an exciting conclusion.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 "Extraction." Omega and Batcher. Image Credit:
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 "Extraction." Omega and Batcher. Image Credit: /

We're halfway through the final season of The Bad Batch, but the show promises much more to come. The writers need to tie up several loose threads and attend to many character arcs, but we're confident they'll manage it in the remaining episodes.

At this point in the story, a lot is going on, and most of it concerns the future of Clone Force 99 and the clones as a whole. However, that's not all that needs to be covered, as the show nurtures the seeds of a Rebellion against the Empire laid in earlier seasons.

With so much going on, let's take a look at 3 major arcs in store for the rest of the season.

1. Omega's Mysterious Purpose

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 "The Return." Omega and Lula the Tooka Doll. Image Credit: /

Rex said it best at the end of Episode 7, "Extraction," that if Hunter wants to protect Omega, then he and his brothers have to find out why Omega is so important to the Empire. What's so special about her that the Empire had to capture her among her siblings and take her to Mount Tantiss, where she was the subject of multiple experiments? What's more, they want her recaptured alive so they can continue experimenting on her. We now know that it has something to do with M-count, but no one, not even Rex, knows what that means. The rest of the season should explore why Omega is so important and her true purpose in the eyes of the Empire.

2. Saving the Clones on Mount Tantiss

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 4, Episode 4 "A Different Approach." Hunter and Wrecker. Image Credit: /

A return to Tantiss seems inevitable as Rex is determined to rescue clones that are held prisoner there. Omega regrets not being able to free them before escaping. That begs the question of whether Omega will be back there again. What will a return mean for her? Will she make it out again, or will there be some unexpectedly dark twist in the tale? With the amount of mystery about Omega's importance to the Empire, the final few episodes should be very tense for Omega fans.

3. The Return of Asajj Ventress

Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Asajj Ventress Returns. Image Credit: The Walt Disney All Access Pages /

As a big Ventress fan, I've been waiting anxiously for her return after it was revealed in the trailer that she'll be back in Season 3. We don't know in what capacity she will return, as her character canonically met her end at the hands of Count Dooku in the novel Dark Disciple. However, as the creators of The Bad Batch promise that she'll have an important role while honoring the novel's events, it's quite likely that she'll have more than one episode focusing on her before the season ends.

There's a lot more to watch out for in the final half of the series, including Crosshair's continual growth as a person and the last bits of hope some of us Tech fans are hanging onto that he's still alive.

A new episode of The Bad Batch Season 3 is streaming this week on Disney+.

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