Han Solo is living in a gangster’s paradise in Solo film


Solo: A Star Wars Story is coming at you Coolio style, with Han Solo living in a gangsters paradise!

With the eyes of Star Wars fans on The Last Jedi, whether they are loving or complaining is irrelevant at this point, the Solo film is six months away, with a Harrison Ford-less Han Solo.

We did not get a trailer for The Last Jedi like many were hoping for, but with how much of the film that was reshot, it’s understandable.

Recently Paul Bettany — the latest to join the Solo cast after Ron Howard’s many reshoots — recently discussed the film in an interview with Total Film: 

"It’s Han Solo’s story, and of course his story would be a caper. On one level it’s a gangster movie. That’s really interesting because it’s within canon but really different. It’s *expletive* Han Solo"

“Suddenly, I’m an intergalactic gangster and I’m walking down some stairs and an R2 unit goes by with some champagne, and I’m like…” [drops jaw]

With a big-time actor giving a Star Wars standalone that high of a “rating” we can be sure to see a solid film.

Seeing how Han Solo becomes the well-known smuggler but also to now see the gangster side of it all is going to be really intriguing.

Jabba the Hutt putting out a hit out on someone would be a nice touch to a galaxy far, far away, as well.

Who knows, “Ben” Kenobi may appear, who is no doubt a thorn in Jabba’s side on Tatooine during this era — which we discover in the Star Wars comic run.

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Seeing bounties collected, and finally, the relationship between Han Solo, Boba Fett, and Jabba the Hutt, are no doubt in store for Star Wars fans.

With Ron Howard at the helm of this movie, we are going to get a great movie, but we are left wondering what style and tone the film will encompass.

Is it going to be more of a western film, space comedy, mobster-style, or, a mix of many genres?

Hopefully, we get a bit of a Godfather feel to this movie, adding, even more, diversity to the Star Wars arsenal.

Who knows what’s in-store, where all bets are off for the film.

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