Star Wars Rebels: Clues surface on Ahsoka Tano’s whereabouts during Original trilogy


The Star Wars Rebels series finale left fans of a galaxy far, far away with more questions than answers. However, the final moment of the show may provide clues to what Ahsoka Tano was up to during the Star Wars original trilogy.

Ahsoka lives! For nearly two years, Dave Filoni teased fans (and Ashley Eckstein) of Star Wars Rebels on the fate of the legendary Clone Wars veteran. Thanks to Star Wars Rebels Season 4, we now know the legacy of Ahsoka Tano lives on in the flesh — thanks to Ezra Bridger and the introduction to time travel (of sorts) to a galaxy far, far away.

But, where in the Force was she during events of the Star Wars Orignal trilogy? Why wasn’t she involved in the major conflicts of the Galactic civil war?

Even though it seems Dave Filoni leaves us hanging at times, he’ll provide us bread crumbs and Easter eggs — allowing us to embrace our inner detective like Obi-Wan in Attack of the Clones. 

The answer’s found in Ahsoka’s Gandalf the White-like staff, seen in the final moments of Star Wars Rebels. 

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

The circle at the top of Ahsoka’s staff undoubtedly represents one of the three pillars of the Jedi Order — thanks to The Jedi Path by Daniel Wallace.

  1. Force
  2. Knowledge
  3. Self-discipline

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

First off, the symbol representing the Force looks much like the Sith Temple’s design on Malachor, AND, is the same shape as the Sith Holocron from that very location. Ahsoka (likely) stayed inside of the Sith Temple to gain knowledge, shown in the design of Ahsoka “The White’s” staff — also displaying the third pillar of the Jedi Order of self-discipline.

Ahsoka claims to be “no Jedi,” but she still acts like one; and, once a Jedi, always a Jedi — just ask Darth Vader at the end of Return of the Jedi.  Based on her look following the events of the Galactic Civil War, she no doubt transcends into something more than an ordinary Jedi — thanks to this knowledge.

It also explains where Ahsoka resides for the five-plus years of the Original trilogy events; within the depths of the Sith Temple.

But, wait, there is more. The staff of Ahsoka looks much like the symbols on the mural of the Mortis trio — the Father, the Son, and the Daughter. Could Ahsoka have a unique connection to the world between worlds?

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I believe she now holds the Force in perfect balance like the Father did during the Mortis arc of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Luke Skywalker even admits in The Last Jedi that the Force maintained balance for many years; until the manifestation of Kylo Ren. Did the former Ben Solo do the unthinkable and murder Ahsoka Tano?

My heart can’t take that very thought, but what a way to finish what his grandfather, Darth Vader, started. This would explain how the Force shifted out of balance, with the Dark Side reigning “supreme” once again — without Ahsoka maintaining it.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Over the past two years, Dave Filoni’s given us hints of these very truths; in his artwork posted on Twitter and in a series of Topps cards featuring Ahsoka.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Ahsoka evidently spent time with Rex at some point following her time on Malachor.

After Ahsoka’s duel with Darth Vader, she enters the depths of the Sith Temple, shown in these Topps Cards illustrated by Filoni. Following them like a story, it’s apparent Ahsoka enters the deepest part of the ancient Temple, then later emerges with profound knowledge and a certain point of view.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

It’s also plausible that Ahsoka tracks down Luke Skywalker; either after the events of The Empire Strikes Back helping the young Jedi in his training, or they cross paths following the events of the Galactic Civil War. 

The possibilities are endless, and we hope Lucasfilm uses Dave Filoni’s brilliant storytelling as a venue for such ideas! DO IT.

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What are your thoughts? Did Ahsoka Tano gain the knowledge she desired? Is she back to her Jedi ways, or, something else entirely, after her experience on Malachor? Tell us in the comments below and on our variety of social media outlets.

Star Wars Rebels may be over, but you can rewatch your favorites for free via Disney XD — for now.