Rian Johnson, Mark Hamill put toxic Star Wars bullies in their proper place


Mark Hamill and Rian Johnson do not hold back, putting toxic Star Wars bullies in their proper place for harassing Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s Kelly Marie Tran.

By now, it’s no secret that Rian Johnson and his “Indie” film, Star Wars: The Last Jedi has split the Star Wars fandom right down the middle. It’s the film that changed the Star Wars galaxy forever, for better and for worse.

Many fans, like myself, enjoyed the new twist on a galaxy far, far away and it’s challenging of the status quo. Others didn’t feel that Rian Johnson honored the Original trilogy with his take, especially with Luke Skywalker and his shocking story arc — which is also okay.

It’s okay to not like a movie. For me, there are plenty that I dislike. But like a reasonable person, if I don’t like it, I don’t watch it.

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I don’t spend countless hours on YouTube explaining why I hate it and making it my life’s work. I gracefully move on and watch movies/shows that I do enjoy.

It’s become kyber crystal clear over the past six months that many people don’t share my optimistic appraisal of the situation; take the recent events revolving around Kelly Marie Tran, who plays Rose Tico in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. 

A sect of the Star Wars fandom did not care for her character, and instead of moving on, felt it was necessary to track Tran down on her Social media page and harass her — to the point where she had to delete her account.

The thought of such an act gets my blood boiling as I’m typing the words. Miss Tran is one of the kindest, sweetest souls in all of the Universe, and does not deserve any of this harsh treatment.

In response, writer/director of Star Wars: The Last Jedi Rian Johnson took to Twitter, expressing his thoughts on the current state of the Star Wars fandom.

That’s precisely what these pathetic excuses for human life are, manbabies. Rian Johnson wasn’t entirely done just yet, taking a more optimistic approach with his second Tweet.

Amen to that! Overall, that’s been my experience also, until the past few months. I too have been harassed by many of these like-minded bullies, undoubtedly many of the same people attacking Kelly Marie Tran, Kathleen Kennedy, and Rian Johnson.

Mark Hamill himself chimed in, knowing all too well what a portion of the Star Wars fandom is capable of.

Naturally, one such person of such scum of villany tried defending the actions of his counterparts, and Rian Johnson quickly puts him in his place. Things quickly escalate, and Rian Johnson will not (and should not) stand for this sort of behavior.

He’s 100 percent correct. People who feel justified in what they said to Kelly Marie Tran are lost souls, ones who need the Light side of the Force oh so badly.

Maybe, it’s time for these “manbabies” to move on with their lives and find a different hobby? Star Wars clearly isn’t for you anymore, and if you have to revert to harassing an actress from a film you don’t like, then it shows a more prominent problem.

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Is there any hope for the Star Wars fandom or humanity in general? It doesn’t seem so on the surface, but a significant portion of the community is genuine and appreciates the fantastic gift that George Lucas created.

We need to speak louder than the sect who is spewing hate, by letting our love and compassion shine brightly in the galaxy!