Daisy Ridley Is Finished Filming Star Wars: Episode VIII


With a new photo of Rey, Daisy Ridley announced on her Instagram she is  finished filming Star Wars: Episode VIII.

That’s a wrap for Daisy Ridley on Star Wars: Episode VIII. The actress made the announcement on her Instagram, accompanied by a new photo of Rey with her lightsaber. Check it out.

via @daisyridley on Instagram

Daisy’s caption reads:

"And that is a wrap on Star Wars Episode VIII. My heart is brimming. #reyout"

The official wrap date for the Episode VIII shoot is July 22nd according to Mark Hamill, but John Boyega, Anthony Daniels, and now Daisy have already finished shooting. The entire cast and crew threw a wrap party earlier this week, with director Rian Johnson, Hamill, Boyega, Daisy, and other VIII actors in attendance. Any shooting which may still be taking place is likely last-minute thread-tying before Lucasfilm brings the footage home for post-production.

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Rey’s costume in Daisy’s Instagram photo doesn’t look any different from what we saw in The Force Awakens. She still carries Luke Skywalker’s old lightsaber and is rocking the triple bun and desert outfit, as well. Her environment is also familiar: she’s either wet from rain or snow, or she’s been sweating, because her hair is pasted against her forehead, and it’s dark wherever she is, meaning she’s probably fighting someone (Kylo, perhaps?) at night again.

It’s possible, then, this photo may not be a new one at all except to fans. Considering the similarities we spotted about her appearance and environment in comparison to The Force Awakens, the photo could be from the set of the Starkiller Base forest at the end of the latter film. But those similarities don’t automatically make it old, either; Daisy could be filming a flashback here, or a dream Rey is having about the fateful night she first ignited Luke’s lightsaber.

We’re hoping for a more clearly new image or even some footage from Star Wars: Episode VIII to be revealed at Celebration this weekend. Given the fact so many of the stars are finished filming and the wrap party has already taken place, Rian Johnson is sure to have something up his sleeve to reveal at the Future Filmmakers panel on Sunday, July 17th.

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As always, we’ll have the latest updates for you on Episode VIII here at Dork Side.