Star Wars films: Ezra Bridger is a prime candidate for a Star Wars live-action movie


Ezra Bridger is the perfect candidate for an upcoming Star Wars live-action film, and we have just the ideal man for the job!

Star Wars Rebels ended with a bang, hitting all the right notes in the process. We’re now left with more questions than answers, primarily; wherein the Force is Ezra Bridger and Thrawn?

Maybe, his fate will be revealed in a future Star Wars live-action film, helmed by Dave Filoni? Now, this is pure speculation, with a recent social media post from a fellow Star Wars fan sparking our intrigue, with a particular actor connected to J.J. Abrams just right to play Ezra. No, it’s not his long-time pal, Greg Grunberg.

And the winner is…

Zachary Quinto! You might remember him from a “little” film-franchise called Star Trek, where he played the iconic character, Spock. Or, as the super-powered, serial killer Sylar from the hit TV show Heroes — once again connected to Greg Grunberg. Maybe there are the “Six Degrees of Greg Grunberg,” step aside Kevin Bacon. But, I digress.

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With Ezra Bridger and Thrawn missing in action, a film finishing their story arc makes total sense. Quinto has the chops to pull off Ezra, who has “superpowers” as Sylar does, so it’s a perfect transition. Plus, anything Quinto touches, turns to gold. He must have that (King) Midas touch!

Plus, Dave Filoni needs and (deserves) his very own live-action film and what better way to bridge the gap between the animated realm with the “physical realm,” bringing Rebels characters to life. On the big screen.

This also opens up the door for Ahsoka Tano appearing, who is searching for the young Jedi hopeful — with Sabine Wren at her side. Ashley Eckstein told us in a recent interview that she would be up for playing Ahsoka Tano in a live-action movie.

Maybe Luke Skywalker (played by Sebastian Stan perhaps?) could make a cameo? This also opens up the door for a Thrawn live-action appearance, as well. The possibilities are endless!

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Lucasfilm, if you’re listening. Please, make this happen, with Dave Filoni at the reigns and Zachary Quinto as Ezra Bridger. Don’t forget about Thrawn, Ahsoka Tano( played by Ashley Eckstein) either!